(All over the country students are waging struggles on India’s campuses. A brief update on these ongoing struggles follows.) Court Stays JNU Punishments, Students End Hunger Strike JNU students lifted their heroic hunger strike after the Court stayed all punishments and directed the JNU VC to respond to the appeals. The JNU VC had, quite literally, been running away from facing the demands by

Where are the 'good times' that Modi promised the Indian people during his 2014 election campaign? Two years after he came to power, Liberation revisits his key promises and looks back at what two years of Modi rule have meant for India. "Enough of High Prices? Vote Modi This Time!" Modi’s election slogan was “bahut ho gayi mehengai ki maar, ab ki baar Modi sarkar.” The BJP manifesto had promised to curb inflation; cut down prices of essential commodities and set up a price stabilisation fund. Instead, prices of essentials have soared. Pulses – the main source of protein for Indians – have become so steeply priced that the joke is ‘bazaar me daal, murgi barabar’ (Dal costs as much as chicken in the market), a play on the popular saying ‘ghar ki murgi dal barabar’ (A home-grown chicken costs

- Kavita Krishnan

India worships mothers; political leaders are fond of equating the nation with Mother, and politics and popular culture both make a huge deal of ‘respect for mothers’. But in spite of this hyper-visible, in-your-face celebration of motherhood, there seems to be a deliberate obscuring of the labour of mothering and care work that women perform.

Reflections and Report on International Conference on Socialism for the


- Indresh Maikhuri

After a 54-day high voltage drama, the Harish Rawat government has been reinstated in

ASHA workers held protests in many tehsil and block headquarters of Haldwani, Nainital, Pithoragarh

Incidences of crime in Bihar have been steadily on the rise after the Bihar


Pseudo Nationalists (English translation of a poem by the great


The Uttarakhand police tried to abduct AICCTU’s Uttarakhand General Secretary KK Bora from the Labour Office premises on 19 May, but were prevented from doing so by workers’ resistance. The next day, there was a murderous attack on KK Bora by management-sponsored goons. Harish Rawat, the CM of Uttarakhand, is celebrating the ‘victory of democracy’ in the State, after the Courts defeated an attempted coup by the BJP. But when it comes to industrial democracy, is Congress-ruled Uttarakhand any different from BJP-ruled states? Where is democracy if a labour leader can be nearly killed on a public street in broad

Less than ten days after the PDP-BJP Government assumed power

May Day 2016 Some highlights of the 2016 May Day