Modi’s and Raje’s Deafening Silence Over Alwar Mob Lynching

Murderous attacks on Muslims by Hindutva mobs in the name of ‘cow protection’ – or other pretexts - have become grimly ‘normal’ in the past three years of Modi rule. A spate of statements by leaders of the BJP Government as well as a series of measures by BJP-led Governments

Modi Model: Making Kashmir Crackdown Fodder for Hindutva Politics

The recently concluded by-polls in Kashmir and its aftermath underline the Modi Government’s dangerous shift in Kashmir policy. The Srinagar by-poll on April 9 recorded an abysmally low vote percentage of 7%, with eight civilian protesters being killed in firing by forces. The turnout in the April 13 repoll in 38


Identifying the Foundations of Womens’ Oppression, Charting the Course of Struggles for Liberation

8 March – International Women’s Day – was born in the struggles that women factory workers in their thousands waged against bondage a century ago. Communists began the tradition of observing IWD in memory of those struggles. Ironically, the powers-that-be and the advertisements all across try to hide the real


UP Crackdown on Slaughterhouses Has A Divisive and Destructive Agenda

Just as Donald Trump's Travel Ban is widely recognised as being a covert 'Muslim ban,' Yogi Adityanath's supposed crackdown on "illegal" abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh is a thinly veiled attack on the Muslims and Dalits whose livelihood depends on the meat business. Since we live in a society of economic

Resist Communal Polarization and Subversion of Democracy; Challenge the Pro-Poor Posturing of the Modi Regime

The results of Assembly elections in the five states of Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh have once again stunned political observers and exit poll pundits. The BJP was widely perceived to be having an edge over its contenders in both Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, but nobody could predict