India Wants Jobs, Not Jumlas

Narendra Modi has now been India’s Prime Minister for three full years. In these three years, the BJP has managed to win several Assembly elections, and the party is currently in power in a record number of Indian states. Where it has failed to win the elections, it has still

Repression and Land Grab at Bhangar: Mamata Applies Modi Model

Mamata Banerjee came to power in West Bengal riding the wave of peasant resistance to land grab and state repression at Singur and Nandigram. Now, her own Government is unleashing the most brutal repression to crush resistance to land acquisition for a power grid project at Bhangar. 13.5 acres of fertile


Retrieving the Erased Histories of The Champaran Satyagrahaa

-- Mohammad Sajjad (The author is a professor of history at Aligarh Muslim University.) The centenary celebration of the Champaran Satyagrahaa coincides with half a century of the Naxalite movement. If the Champaran Satyagrahaa nationalised the peasant discontent of Bihar and integrated it with the ongoing anti-colonial struggle, it was the Naxalite


UP Crackdown on Slaughterhouses Has A Divisive and Destructive Agenda

Just as Donald Trump's Travel Ban is widely recognised as being a covert 'Muslim ban,' Yogi Adityanath's supposed crackdown on "illegal" abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh is a thinly veiled attack on the Muslims and Dalits whose livelihood depends on the meat business. Since we live in a society of economic

Anti-Romeo Squads Attack Women’s Freedom

-- Kanika Singh One of the first steps taken by Yogi Adityanath on becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was to set up what the government called ‘anti-Romeo’ squads. These were teams of men especially deployed near colleges, their stated mandate being ‘protection’ of women from harassers. Members of the