The suicide of Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula in University of Hyderabad (UoH) is nothing short of institutional murder. It is undeniable that the scientist, scholar and activist Rohith Vemula had been pushed to despair because of the manner in which the Central University had victimized Dalit student activists under pressure from the ABVP and Ministers of the Central Government. The Ambedkar Students Association

Fight the Double Life Imprisonment for Trade Union Activists ! Eight workers: sentenced to two lifetimes in jail – for the ‘crime’ of fighting for workers’ rights. Eight leading activists of the Kovai Maavatta Pricol Thozhilalargal Otrumai Sangam - Comrades Gunabalan, Manivannan, Rajendran, Ramamurthy, Sampath, Saravanakumar, Sivakumar and Velmurugan - have been sentenced to ‘double life imprisonment’ in a shocking verdict of the Coimbatore Sessions Court. 'The very severity of the verdict – in a case lacking in any evidence of wrong-doing, let alone murder – suggests that the verdict is not just an ordinary judgement against some accused workers. Rather, it serves as an assault on India’s working class movement – in effect, it is like a warning to trade unions and workers all over the country to comply with the current political-economic attack on labour laws and unions

- Dipankar Bhattacharya

The stage has nearly been set for the forthcoming Assembly elections in West Bengal. Five years ago Mamata Banerjee had come to power with the grand promise of 'parivartan' (change), pitting the seductive subaltern imagery of Ma-Mati-Manush (mother-land-common man) against a 34-year-old CPI(M)-led government which had become highly discredited and arrogant in the eyes of

- Bhuvana

“The rhetoric of governance in India has nowadays become pretty


In a vindictive act of bullying, India is tacitly backing what amounts to an

- Bhuvana

(The paper presented by Comrade Bhuvana at the WCWW will be published in Liberation

- Abhijit Mazumdar

Early in the morning on 14 November, Malu Paik, a 42 years old permanent


Vidrohi died as he had lived – surrounded by students


Capitalism is so twisted that it can create massive fortunes for a tiny handful by giving a little something to ‘the poor’. While the wars of the last century were over oil, access to information is the sphere of power and control in this one. Here is why we all need to sit up and take note: Over the past several months, Indian newspapers and hoardings at traffic crossings were awash with massive ads calling for support for Free Basics – with images of Indian men, women, and children, India’s little working people, really, beaming at the idea that there

The AIPWA held a Women’s Tribunal in Lucknow, attended by

Fight the Double Life Imprisonment for Trade Union Activists !