It has been nearly three weeks since Najeeb, student of JNU went missing. The JNU administration and the Delhi police have completely failed to take effective measures to find Najeeb. On 3 November the JNUSU organised a solidarity meeting with leaders from various political parties and other concerned citizens on the JNU campus. The speakers including Delhi CM, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, CPI(ML) PB member

A silent revolution in the realm of philosophy and politics took place in 1845 when the young Karl Heinrich Marx concluded his Thesis on Feuerbach with the assertion "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it." The most advanced class, the modern proletariat, set the ball rolling in real life from Paris. The first proletarian state came up there in 1871. That was, of course, a violent revolution which went down in blood in a little over two months. But, as Marx commented, "a new point of departure of worldwide importance has been gained." From that point, the next series of offensives were made in Russia – a country with very acute social, political, national and other contradictions and a rich revolutionary heritage -- in quick succession: the 'failed' revolution of

- Dipankar Bhattacharya

In Gujarat, Narendra Modi had consolidated his rule first by giving a free hand to the Sangh brigade to carry out the infamous Gujarat genocide and then by manipulating the state machinery to engineer a string of extra-judicial killings. And to legitimize this total subversion of the tenets of rule of law he used to

CPI(ML) dips its flag in respectful homage to Fidel Castro


“… Naxalbari is alive and will remain alive because this is built on the

The 7th AIPWA National Conference was held in Patna on 13-14 November 2016, at

Demonetization: Claims and Facts Many tall claims have been made about the dramatic and


- Parnal Chirmuley

An obituary often mourns and bids adieu. This one will


The CPI(ML) took out a Vidhan Sabha march in Ranchi on 21 November 2016 with the slogan “Raghuvar Hatao Jharkhand Bachao” (Oust CM Raghuvar Das, Save Jharkhand). The march passed through the main roads of the city and culminated in a meeting at Birsa Chowk. The march was in the backdrop of attacks on people's movements against land grab, amendments in SPT and CNT Acts and targeting of minorities in the state. The bandh call was given after the Barkagaon firing on 1 October. A series of statewide agitations were initiated by the CPI(ML) as well as other left forces which

(Statement issued by a team of activists after a visit

- Clifton D’Rozario

Every morning, in every village, town and city around the