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The MHRD document ‘Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy 2016’ is being challenged and protested by students all over the country, who are instead demanding an “egalitarian education system from KG to PG.” Privatisation and Fee Hikes The document promotes FDI in education and Government subsidies for private and corporate players in education, disguised as ‘incentives’ and ‘corporate social responsibility.’ Even the scholarships

15 August 2016 – India’s Independence Day - witnessed some unique and inspiring movements. The Dalits of Una and the adivasis of Bastar chose to mark Independence Day by highlighting the freedom and dignity denied to them. In this feature we carry reports from the yatras (marches) in Gujarat and Chhattisgarh and reflect on the political challenge presented to Brahmanism, communal fascism, and state terror by these movements. Una Independence Yatra and Rally “You keep the cow’s tail – just give us our land” – this slogan of the Una Independence March summed up a social revolution in Gujarat and India. In a slap on the face to the Sanghi goons who have been beating up, lynching, and killing Muslims and Dalits on the pretext of ‘cow protection’, the Dalits of Gujarat have risen up in thousands to declare their

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The cat is now out of the bag. Towards the end of his long and tiring Independence Day address, Modi let the Balochistan cat jump out of the bag of diplomatic silence. He said he had been getting many messages of gratitude from Balochistan and POK. And we are now told this is the new

A public meeting held in London on the eve of


- Parnal Chirmuley

“I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I’m the first Simone Biles.”

- Kailash Pandey

The women of Uttarakhand have always played a leading role in various democratic movements

Malay Tiwari, CPI(ML) activist from West Bengal, and Anupam Roy, artist and CPI(ML) activist,


The unflinching voice of resistance Mahasweta Devi, whose pen was


The BJP has celebrated its first-ever Government in Assam, as a platform to expand their influence in other NE states. At the BJP’s National Executive Meeting all BJP leaders wore the gamucha (traditional Assamese decorated towel) around their necks. At that meeting the BJP President Amit Shah said that the tactics applied in the Assam election will be implemented in the coming assembly election in UP also, and the Assam election result will have a national impact towards a Congress Mukt Bharat. Within two months of the Sarbananda Sonowal Government assuming power in Assam, however, it has faced protests. In

On 28th July, CPI (ML) activists all over the country

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While welcoming the Delhi Government's announcement of hiking minimum wages