On 1 July 2016, AISA Delhi University unit leader Abhinav Kumar was brutally beaten up in the premises of his college, Deshbandhu college, by ABVP goons including Himanshu Bidhuri (son of BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri), Rajat Choudhary and three more ABVP cadres. In the previous DUSU elections, Comrade Abhinav was AISA's DUSU Joint Secretary candidate. He had secured more than 10,000 votes, thus providing

Kashmir has been plunged into yet another cycle of massive civilian protests met with brutal state repression that claimed 46 lives (and still counting) and severely injured many more. The crisis has been precipitated this time by the killing of a young militant, Burhan Wani. Wani had been a popular figure in Kashmir, adept in addressing youth on social media. Vast numbers of Kashmiri people gathered to mourn at his funeral. Mourners and protesters alike are being subjected to repression by paramilitary forces on Kashmir's streets, in a repeat of the events of 2010, when 112 civilian protesters were killed in a period of four months. There are many unanswered questions about Burhan Wani's killing. The Supreme Court's recent order, reiterating that every encounter must be subjected to criminal investigation and prosecution, whether the person killed is a militant or

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Some fifty years ago, when the Congress faced its first major phase of decline on a pan-Indian scale in the wake of the 1962 India-China war, the demise of Nehru, and the profound economic crisis of the mid-1960s, the CPI(M) in West Bengal found a temporary tactical partner in the Bengal-based breakaway Congress formation called

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On the 12th of June, 49 people were killed in


On 8 July, Burhan Wani was killed in what the security forces claimed was

Uttarakhand ASHA Health Workers’ Union affiliated to AICCTU held a vociferous protest in Haldwani

Modi rule has unleashed repression and atrocities on dalits, adivasis, women and Muslims. The


The tradition of celebrating Hul Diwas on 30 June began


A 24-year-old CPI(ML) comrade Mariappan from the washer man (Vannar/dhobi) caste in Tirunelveli was brutally killed by casteist, communal forces on July 20. His head was chopped off – the body was found in the morning yesterday and the head, in the late evening. The accused had threatened Mariappan in Court the very day he was killed – they told him they would chop off his head for daring to pursue the case of an attack on a comrade who had, along with others, asserted the right of people of the Vannar community to take a funeral procession along a

The CC noted with concern the recent incident of racist

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Workers and trade unions all over India are preparing for