CPIML statement on the Political Coup in Bihar and stealing of the 2015 mandate by the JDU-BJP Combine – Dipankar Bhattacharya.

29 July 2017. The alacrity with which Nitish Kumar first resigned as the CM of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar and then returned to the BJP fold to be sworn

Tank In JNU: Modi Government Is Waging War On India’s Universities

The JNU Vice Chancellor, at a political event commemorating ‘Kargil Divas’, requested the two NDA Ministers present to procure a decommissioned Army tank for the campus. He claimed that such


Modi’s Israel Visit: A Betrayal of Democratic Principles

“I have to take care of interests of India. I need more water. Clean water. Where will I get it? Ramallah? No”: This is what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Nation-Wide Campaign on ‘Save Education, Save Country’

With a call to Save Education, Save Country, AISA launched its nation-wide campaign at Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi on 22 July, against the Regime of Seat-Cut, NET-Cut, Fund-Cut and the