AIPWA Convention

AIPWA held a Convention at Udaipur, on ‘Women and Democracy’, which was attended by a large number of women from different districts of Rajasthan, and also by many intellectuals from Udaipur.

The Convention was presided over by Srilata Swaminathan, National President, AIPWA. Speaking at the Convention, AIPWA Secretary Kavita Krishnan spoke of the need to break the shackles of patriarchy and struggle for women’s freedom. She spoke of the political parties that continue to promote a patriarchal agenda of ‘protection’, which is a pretext to erode women’s freedom.

AIPWA State President Bhanwari Devi said that women continued to be at the receiving end of feudalism and capitalism both. Usha Choudhary of Vikalp Sansthan said that women’s struggle was to be recognised as human beings, not goddesses. Sarvatunissa Khan said that women are caught in cultural traps that exploit them. District Secretary of NFIW Sadhana spoke of domestic violence and the demeaning culture of ‘kanyadan’, and other struggles conducted in Rajasthan. Intellectual and activist Pragya Joshi spoke of the need for women to demand their rights and liberties as citizens, not only as human beings.

Delivering the concluding address, Srilata Swaminathan said that women’s struggles are intensifying even as violence against women continues unabated. She spoke of what socialism means for the women’s movement, and for the need for the women’s movement to have a revolutionary perspective. CPI(ML) State Secretary Mahendra Choudhury, and others also addressed the Convention. Women students presented songs and a play on women’s freedom. Convention was conducted by Sudha Choudhury, AIPWA’s Secretary Rajasthan. Fakrunissa gave the vote of thanks.