Communist Movement in India

Communist Movement in India Historical Perspective and Important Documents Volume One (1917-39) Edited with an Introduction by Arindam Sen & Partha Ghosh INDEX The Prelude (1857-1917) Party Foundation and the Years Preceding it (1917-1925) The Brief But Successful Era of WPPs: (1926-1929) From Setback to REorganisation: 1930-1937 Independent Initiative and United Front: 1935-39 Role of CPI on Workers, Peasant and other Fronts: 1920-1930) Documents (Communist Movement in India)


The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) stands for politics that puts up the boldest resistance to the corporate-backed communal fascist politics, and powerfully asserts the agenda of people's movements against corruption and corporate plunder and land grab; against policies that favour corporates over people and promote price rise and unemployment; for land reform, employment-generating industrialisation and people-oriented development; for people's rights to education, health, housing, work and basic services; for

Condemn Police Crackdown in Tamil Nadu

  The decision of the Tamil Nadu Government to use force to disperse peaceful protesters in Tamil Nadu smacks of highhandedness. There are many reports of police indulging in arson and vandalism themselves. CPI(ML) condemns the police crackdown on protesters in Tamil Nadu, and demands an impartial probe into the crackdown and the reports of rampant rights violations by the Tamil Nadu police, and action against those responsible.

छात्राओं को पंख लगाने की बजाए पंख कतरने में लगे हैं नीतीश कुमार, स्कूल-काॅलेज बन गए हैं कत्लगाह: मीना तिवारी.

प्रेस हैंड आउट (11 January) वैशाली के अंबेदकर कन्या वि़द्यालय छात्रा हत्याकांड की उच्चस्तरीय जांच कराये सरकार. हत्यारे-बलात्कारी की शिनाख्त कर अविलंब कड़ी सजा दी जाए. 17 जनवरी को राज्यव्यापी प्रतिवाद. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- पटना 11 जनवरी 2016 वैशाली के दौलतपुर के राजकीय अंबेदकर कन्या आवासीय विद्यालय की 10 वीं कक्षा में पढ़ रही मेरी बेटी ने दिनांक 6 जनवरी की शाम में मुझे फोन किया और मुझे स्कूल आने को कहा. अगली सुबह 7 जनवरी को

March to PM House Against Anti-Poor Demonetisation, 26th November

Join March to PM House Against Anti-Poor Demonetisation 26th November, from Mandi House at 1pm   Friends, On 8th November at 8pm the Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly declared that the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, valid till then, will not be in use anymore. We were told by the PM and subsequently by several media houses that this was done to curb black money and fake currency. And this is what the country

Condemn the Terrorist Attack on Uri Army Camp

Govt Must Shun Jingoist Rhetoric and Ensure Actual Security for Army and Strategic Bases New Delhi, 18 September. The CPI(ML) condemns the terrorist attack at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir that has claimed the lives of 17 Indian soldiers, and extends condolences to the families of the soldiers who have been killed. The attacks at Pathankot and Uri underline that the Modi Government’s rhetoric on national security is in contrast to

सामाजिक परिवर्तन यात्रा आरंभ

प्रकाशनार्थ-प्रसारणार्थ. माले की राज्यव्यापी सामाजिक परिवर्तन यात्रा आरंभ. पटना में भगत सिंह चौक से निकली यात्रा. मौके पर पोलित ब्यूरो सदस्य अमर ने कहा - नरेन्द्र मोदी जनता के नहीं अंबानी-अडानी के सेवक हैं. सिवान, भोजपुर, जहानाबाद, दरभगा, रोहतास, अरवल आदि जगहों पर भी निकली है यात्रा. पटना 4 सितंबर 2016 बढ़ते सामाजिक उत्पीड़न व सांप्रदायिक उन्माद के खिलाफ भाकपा-माले की ‘‘सामाजिक परिवर्तन यात्रा’’ आज से आरंभ हो गयी है. राजधानी पटना सहित सिवान,