Category: CPIML

An Inspiration for Railway Comrades

— Rabi Sen “Dare to commit errors, be bold to take new initiatives” – that was Pranab da’s advice to the railway comrades at every critical juncture of our work in railways. Being a spirited communist leader, an authority...

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An Eye For Detail

— Janardan Prasad Of the first generation leaders from the reconstructed Party CPI(ML), Comrade Pranav Da was the one with whom I got the greatest opportunity to interact and work together. In September 1995, when Comrade...

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Comrade Bakshi Is Very Much With Us

— S Kumarasami Comrade Bakshiji is no more. But Comrade Bakshiji is very much with us. Mao quotes, dialectics and Comrade Bakshiji were inseparable. His dialectics was original and creative. It helped in understanding...

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