PPP – Promoting Private Profits?

Just after the first railway budget of the Modi Government, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, in his inimitable style, commented on the budget, “just singing PPP…PPP…PPP, railway projects will not come

Massive Corporate Bailout in Budget

(P. Sainath, India Resists, http://www.indiaresists.com/p-sainath-on-corporate-bailout-rs-36-5-trillion-budget-2014/#sthash.PMVyInTY.dpuf) It was business as usual in 2013-14. Business with a capital B. This year’s budget document says we gave away another Rs. 5.32 lakh crores to

Palestine Yet Again

You bleed again as the world watches In civilized wisdom; As you take little babies for burial, With fresh bombs bursting behind Before and on you, The Zionists feel threatened by your resolve. Such is your

Running Orders

They call us now. Before they drop the bombs. The phone rings and someone who knows my first name calls and says in perfect Arabic “This is David.” And in my stupor of sonic booms and