70th Independence Day

The Modi Government has announced that India’s 70th Independence Day – 15 August 2016 –will be marked by celebrations on the theme of ‘Yaad Karo Kurbani’ (Remember the Sacrifices). Celebrations

Brexit and After

After a viciously xenophobic and violent campaign that even saw the unprecedented killing of a popular Labour MP, Jo Cox, the Brexit (Britain plus exit) camp secured a surprise

Stop The War On Democracy In Kashmir

Kashmir has been plunged into yet another cycle of massive civilian protests met with brutal state repression that claimed 46 lives (and still counting) and severely injured many more. The

Gumudumaha Massacre in Odisha

A joint fact-finding team visited Gumudumaha village in Paranpanga panchayat in Kandhamal district of Odisha to investigate the killing of five civilians in firing by security forces. The security forces

Women Workers’ National Workshop

AICCTU held its national women workers' workshop in Tata Nagar on 25–26 June 2016. The workshop was held in Munniji Sabhagar, Mahendra Singh Nagar. The theme of the workshop was: