History, Politics and Hindutva

What role does our present play in shaping our understanding of past? How is history writing affected by contemporary politics? Why should anyone but a history student bother with these

Uttarakhand: 11 Years of Statehood

On November 9, 2000, when the state of Uttarakhand was formed, common people aspired that now, at last, development policies would be tailored to their needs. The plunder of jal-jangal-zameen

Comrade Osiris Oviedo de la Torre

(Secretariat member of World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and WFTU Permanent Representative in Geneva, who hails from Cuba.) It is 58 years since the Cuban revolution. We’d like to know

For An End to Privatised Education

Since May this year, Chile has been witnessing a remarkable and highly successful student movement, targeting the privatised system of schooling and university education that has prevailed since the US-backed

Europe on the Boil

With the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis intensifying, and people’s anger on the rise against austerity measures imposed by the IMF-World Bank, Europe’ ruling classes are struggling to cope. The survival

J Sri Raman

Liberation condoles the untimely passing away of J Sri Raman, journalist and leading campaigner against nuclear weapons and communal violence. J Sri Raman was a lifelong peace activist in the sub-continent,