Who Killed Mohd. Qateel Siddiqi?

Mohd. Qateel Siddiqi of Darbhanga had been in jail since November 2011 after being arrested on charges of involvement in several blast cases. On 8 June, inside Yerawada jail in

COVER FEATURE : Coalgate Scam

A CAG report (the draft version of which has reached the media) has found that, during a period when the Coal Ministry was directly under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a

The Exit of Brahmeshwar Singh

Brahmeshwar Singh, the founder of the notorious Ranveer Sena and the mastermind behind dozens of massacres perpetrated by the Sena in Shahabad and Magadh regions of Bihar between 1995 and

Campaign for Student-Youth Rights

(The AISA and RYA have undertaken an intensive countrywide campaign for students’ and youth rights – for education and employment, and against corruption and corporate loot. Despite the summer heat,

Gambling with Stars, Where is Artistry?

On the day when World and Euro Champions Spain started their Euro’12 campaign at Ukraine, 18 Spanish banks submitted to Helsinki seeking financial bail-out! Andre Iniesta’s words two years back

On Cover : Montek’s Musings

(Communing with nature on his posh pot at the Planning Commission, we imagine Montek musing on planning, poverty, and politics.) This country is a mess. Indian people always lack reason and