Arrest Terror Mastermind RSS Chief Bhagwat

Investigative Agencies Must Drop Double Standards Swami Aseemanand, a key accused in five terror attack cases, has revealed in his interview with Caravan magazine that these terrorist acts were sanctioned by

A Duty of Honour

(Excerpts from Rosa Luxemburg’s article, November 1918. Rosa and Karl Liebknecht, imprisoned for their opposition to the First World War, were freed from jail as a result of a revolutionary

Perpetuating Inequality and Jobless Growth

(The writer is an independent journalist, educator and documentary film-maker. This article is based on columns he has written for Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle.) Indian society was always unequal. In recent years,

Jandavedari Rallies In Bihar

The series of Jandavedari rallies being organized in 14 Lok Sabha constituencies of Bihar began on 8 February in Samastipur with the biggest people’s mobilization ever seen at Patel Maidan.

In Memory

In Memory of Martyrs – Charu Mazumdar At midnight of 4th and 5th August the police captured Comrade Saroj Dutta and on that very night shot him dead secretly. Chairman has said: “It