‘We Argue, We Listen, We Debate’

Delhi has seen upsurges of the young and idealistic before – in the anti-corruption movement and in the anti-rape movement. Those skeptical of seeing hope of a political awakening of

How ABVP Lost the Battle for JNU

The ABVP thought it could destroy the Left in JNU by branding it as anti-national. Instead, the ABVP stands thoroughly isolated and defeated in JNU. Several of its own activists


As the sordid tale of morphed pictures, doctored videos, witch-hunting based on fake twitter handles and brutal violence against JNU students and faculty inside the court premises and outside begin

Lal Salaam Comrade Randhir Singh

Eminent Marxist scholar and popular teacher of political theory Prof Randhir Singh passed away on the night of 31st January in Delhi. He was 95. Prof Randhir Singh was a founder

The Strategic Goal of Socialism

(Excerpts from a talk by Prof Randhir Singh at a seminar on ‘The Present Political Situation and the Challenges of Strengthening the Left’, at Gandhi Peace Foundation, on the occasion