Women’s ‘Empowerment’?

The Modi Government has pointedly ignored most of the major demands of the women’s movement. As was pointed out in the Budget feature of the August issue of Liberation, the

Women Can Work Night Shifts

But When Will The Govt Ensure Women’s Equality and Safety in Factories? Modern industry…. MNC…. Worker in Nokia…. Prestigious….. Valued highly in matrimonial market… Ambika, 22, one such Nokia worker, died

Red Salute, Nabarun Da!

This house of words I have built will break down weeping after I die Nothing so astounding about that I’ll be wiped away from the mirror in the home The walls will be empty of

Gana Mancha Convention in Kolkata

Five left political organisations - CPI-ML(Liberation), Left Collective, Samajik Nyay Vichar Mancha, Mazdoor Kranti Parishad and Radical Socialist - came together in West Bengal to form a united platform for