The CPI(ML) condemns the horrific flyover collapse in Varanasi that has resulted in deaths and injuries of many. Nothing but criminal negligence on the part of Government officials is responsible for this unconscionable loss of lives.

The Varanasi MP – Prime Minister Narendra Modi – had described a similar collapse of a bridge in Kolkata as an act of God to punish the West Bengal Government for its crimes – what does he have to say about the flyover collapse in his own constituency, in a state ruled by his own party? The loss of children’s lives in a Gorakhpur hospital and now the flyover collapse are not acts of God – but acts of a callous and criminally negligent Government of the State that cares only for communal and anti-Dalit hatred and violence – not governance and people’s welfare.

The party expresses condolences to the families that have lost loved ones in this tragic incident, and demands compensation for those killed and injured. We also demand that all those responsible for the negligence that resulted in this incident, be punished.