Increased Atrocities on Dalits in Bihar

CPI (ML) Condemns Samastipur Firing and Burning of Mahadalit Homes in Khagaria

CPI(ML) State Secretary Com. Kunal and Mithilanchal in-charge Com. Dhirendra Jha have strongly condemned the police firing in Samastipur killing one person, and the burning down of 70 Mahadalit homes in Khagaria by dominant sections. They said that on the one hand the government and administration repress the just struggles of the poor, but on the other they remain spectators of the continuous violence and oppression on Mahadalits by dominant forces.

The leaders pointed out that there is a people’s movement going on in Tajpur (Samastipur) against the kidnapping of a 16-year old girl, but the administration, instead of nabbing the culprits, is repressing the protesters. Recently Janardan Thakur was killed in broad daylight but the administration remains in slumber. When the angry public protested and blocked NH 28 at Gandhi Chowk they were brutally repressed, lathi-charged and fired upon by the police. One person, Jitendra Malakar, was killed in the firing and two or three are seriously injured. This is the constituency of the BJP State President while the neighbouring constituency is that of the Assembly Speaker.

The Party leaders said that on 18 October feudal forces burnt down the houses of 70 Mahadalits from the Musahar community in Chhamsiya village (Morkahi Thana), Khagaria district. In addition, heavy firing was also done and Mahadalits were beaten up. Property worth lakhs has been reduced to ashes, including household goods and goats. Many people are reported missing. An enquiry team of the CPI(ML) led by MLA Com. Sudama Prasad and AIARLA leader Com. Gopal Ravidas also visited Samastipur-Khagaria. Com. Kunal has said that the STF in cahoots with criminal Munna Yadav are behind the burning of Mahadalit houses in Chhamasiya (Khagariya). The criminal gangs in Khagariya have the protection of JD(U) MLA Poonam Yadav and her strongman husband Ranvir Yadav. The CPI(ML) called for a Khagaria-Samastipur bandh on 23 October to protest against the burning of Mahadalit homes, the Samastipur firing killing one person, and the kidnapping of a 16 year old girl in Tajpur.  State-wide protests were organized on the same day.

The CPI (ML) has made the following demands:

    1. Rs 5 lakh compensation, Indira Awas and 5 decimal land to all victim families.

    2. Permanent police camp for the protection of the people.

    3. Arrest of all the criminals and action against the STF in-charge.

    4. Road and bridge construction in the area.

    5. Speedy trial in the case.

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