Constitution of CPI(ML)



Name and Flag

Name of the Party

Article1: The name of the Party is The Communist party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation).


Article 2: The flag of the Party is red in colour and rectangular in size, the ratio of length and breadth being 3:2, with the symbol of hammer and sickle inscribed in white in the middle.


Party Membership

Eligibility for Membership

Article 3.1: Any Indian citizen of 16 years of age and above, willing to accept the programme and constitution of the party, to work under the discipline of any of the Party organisations, to carry out the task entrusted to him/her and to pay regularly the membership dues, i.e., fees and levy, as decided by the Party, may apply for the membership of the Party.

Basic Norm

Article 3.2: Members of the Party must serve as the vanguard of the Indian working class. They must not seek undue privileges, must lead plain and simple life, subordinate their personal interests to the interests of the Party and the people, be open, aboveboard and broad-minded, show respect to the toiling masses and the deprived and disadvantaged sections of the society, and uphold the dignity and freedom of women.

Recruitment and Enrolment

Article 4.1: Members will be recruited in the Party on individual basis from among activists in mass/class struggles and mass/class organisations or from among committed elements in various spheres of social activities through respective Party branches or the next higher Party organisation in existence.

Application and Declaration

Article 4.2: An applicant while applying for membership in a prescribed form shall have to make the following declaration:

“I volunteer to join the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). I will uphold the Party’s programme, abide by the provisions of the Party’s constitution, fulfill the duty of a Party member, carry out the Party’s decisions, strictly observe Party’s discipline and will always be loyal to the Party. I will work hard, fight for communism throughout my life and prepare myself to sacrifice my all for the Party, for the people and for the country. I pledge to guard Party secrets and never to betray the Party.”

Article 4.3: The application of an individual for Party membership must be recommended by two Party members. Such an application, unless directly accepted by any State Committee/State Leading Team or the Central Committee, should be submitted to an appropriate Party branch and the said branch, on finding the applicant eligible for admission to the Party, shall forward the application to the next higher Party committee. The concerned area-level organisation, or in its absence, the next higher Party organisation is empowered to take the final decision regarding a membership application.

Article 4.4: A member once expelled from the Party can be readmitted only after getting the clearance from the Party committee which had approved the expulsion.

Candidate Membership and Probation

Article 5.1: An applicant whose application is found in order shall first be admitted as a candidate member and shall be put on probation for a period of one year. After the expiry of probationary period, either full membership will be granted or candidate membership will continue for not more than