CPI(ML) Welcomes Formation of AAP Government

Hopes AAP Will Fulfil People’s Aspirations for a Reversal of Corrupt, Anti-People Governance

CPI(ML) welcomes the emergence of AAP as a powerful third force in Delhi and the fact that it brought to the fore a democratic agenda concerning some basic demands and interests of the common people in Delhi. The rise of AAP has revalidated the relevance of agitation-based politics, exposed the political vulnerability of the status-quo, and highlighted the people’s quest for an alternative to the parties of the status-quo, the Congress and BJP in particular.

AAP’s manifesto includes many of the burning issues of the toiling people of Delhi – and it is Delhi’s people who have given AAP its strength. On the eve of formation of the AAP Government, slum evictions have been attempted near Mansarovar Park and Mayur Vihar (stalled by timely protests), and CNG prices have gone up. We hope that in the face of these assaults on the rights of Delhi’s poor and common people, the AAP Government will live up to its manifesto and defend people’s aspirations for a thorough reversal of corrupt and anti-people governance.

While AAP began by tapping into the popular anger against corruption and the Congress, it attracted not just anti-Congress votes but perhaps primarily erstwhile or traditional pro-Congress votes. Many sections of traditional or core Congress voters – whether in the resettlement colonies or in Muslim-dominated neighbourhoods or among government employees – have voted for AAP, triggering a collapse of the Congress and placing AAP objectively in contention with the BJP. AAP is now running a Government backed by the Congress. In the days to come, how AAP handles this new phase of contention with BJP will be important to observe.

Sanjay Sharma
Secretary, Delhi State Committee