CPI(ML)’s Chennai District conference held

 12th Chennai district conference of CPI(ML) was held on 22 December at Ambattur. The Venue was named after Comrade Srinivasan. Outgoing committee’s district secretary Sekar Presided. Com. Janakiraman was the observer. Out of 125 delegates elected, total of 111 delegates and 32 observers attended the conference. Total of 32 women comrades including those as observers, attended. It began with the resolution on Martyrs’ presented by Com Kumaresh. Comrade Kumarasamy addressed the conference after the deliberations by delegates on the draft document. Rs 1,10,000 towards the subscription of Tamil Party organ “Theepori” of 1,100 persons were handed over to Com Manjula, CC member and also the member of editorial board. Conference debated on election results of Delhi, decline of Maoists in Nepal, on preparing for the forthcoming Parliamentary elections and on how to build an active Party organisation among rural poor of Chennai city.

Many resolutions including a demand for 1000 bed government hospital , Arts college and playground for Ambattur area which is now part of Corporation, House site pattas for the urban poor as promised by ruling party during elections, declare minimum wage as Rs.15000 etc. were passed. It has also been decided to reach out to 2 lakh people with a signature campaign in the month of January 2014 and also organise mass rallies at Ambattur and Sriperumpudur during Feb 2014.