Destroying Iraq

What is happening in Iraq is a de-facto re-invasion of Iraq by Western interests, but this time it is through a proxy force in extremist outfit ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). War hawks like Blair, Cheney and McCaine are crying for direct war. Though the US has expressed shock and is feigning having no knowledge of ‘sudden’ ISIS advancement in Iraq and falling of Mosul, the charade is quite obvious. With surveillance drones, satellites and deep infiltration of intelligence agents in the region, it is highly improbable that the US was not aware of what was happening on the ground. The Lebanon Daily Start in March 2014 had reported that ISIS openly withdrew its forces from Latakia and Idlib provinces in western Syria, and redeployed them in Syria’s east – along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The article titled, “Al-Qaeda splinter group in Syria leaves two provinces: activists,” stated explicitly that: On Friday, ISIS – which alienated many rebels by seizing territory and killing rival commanders – finished withdrawing from the Idlib and Latakia provinces and moved its forces toward the eastern Raqqa province and the eastern outskirts of the northern city of Aleppo, activists said. If a Lebanese newspaper knew ISIS was on the move eastward, why didn’t the CIA? The obvious answer is the CIA did know, and is simply feigning ignorance at the expense of their reputation to bait its enemies into suspecting the agency of incompetency rather than complicity in the horrific terroristic swath ISIS is now carving through northern Iraq.

Moreover, the US would not have tolerated if ISIS was a direct threat to their interests and would have not allowed it to advance so far. The use of brutal and deadly force to thwart even a perceived threat has always been a cornerstone of the US ruthless imperial policy. The fact that the US has allowed ISIS to advance and have nearly a free hand is extremely suspicious. The western media is tirelessly reporting that the Iraqi army ‘melted away’ in the face of onslaught of ISIS fighters. This too is not only false narrative but a deliberate attempt to hide truth. ISIS fighters were heavily armed, well organized akin to a standing army; this could not have been possible only through ‘twitter’ like funding; the support must come from powerful state(s) with deep interests in the region. ISIS is already connected to other intelligence agencies and might not need direct support from the US. Many analysts have noted that the ISIS receives generous donations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both of whom are staunch US allies. According to London’s Daily Express, “through allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the West has supported militant rebel groups which have since mutated into ISIS and other al Qaeda connected militias.” Given the history of geo-politics in the region since 1920s, it should be no surprise as to where the funds are coming from. ISIS forces swept southward into Iraq from Turkey and north-east Syria taking the cities of Mosul and Tikrit. It was too big a movement to go unnoticed by the US intelligence which already has assets in Iraq. The ISIS now threatens Baghdad itself which forced the US to send some token 300 military advisers.