Latest Attack by Cow Goons in Noida

On May 4, Jaiveer Singh and his uncle Bhup Singh, from village Sirsa Khadar, Jewar, District Gautam Budh Nagar (Greater Noida) were returning from Mehandipur village after buying a cow from a Muslim family, when they were stopped and beaten up by self- proclaimed gaurakshak dal – that is, Gau Goons. They broke the ribs of Rajveer Singh and severely injured Bhup Singh, as several people watched them being beaten up. No one came forward to save them. Although the police have filed a complaint, no arrests have been made till now. The CPI (ML) spoke to Bhup Singh and his family members. The attack is horrifying. They are daily wagers. From Jharkhand to Rajasthan, Assam to Uttar Pradesh these criminal goons acting as gaurakshaks, are getting away unpunished. CPI (ML) appeals to all to stand in solidarity with the victims of these attacks and demands immediate arrest of these goons. The goons should be charged under IPC 307 – attempt to murder. Proper medical care be extended to the injured. The State government must compensate the family for this harassment and loss of income.

It is indeed shocking that the police investigation is inadequate in such a serious case. While criticising chief Ministers or Government on WhatsApp or Facebook activates the police to arrest people within 24 hours, when somebody is beaten to near death by goons posing as ‘gau rakshaks’, the police is most inactive.