The CPI(ML) took out a protest march on 26 August at Bogodar (Giridih) as part of the statewide protest campaign on the following issues: unnecessary interference by the government in the long-standing religious traditions on the occasion of Bakrid; Jharkhand Land Acquisition Amendment Bill; Religious Conversion Bill; demand for case against Birni BDO implicated in the MNREGA scam; immediate and unconditional release of Bagodar leader Sarita Sao. The march started at Kisan Bhavan, proceeded through the bazaar and main roads and culminated in a meeting at the Bus Stand. Slogans on the above issues were raised during the march.

Addressing the meeting, speakers said that instead of ensuring a tension-free and happy atmosphere during festivals the BJP government and administration are deliberately stoking tension through their policies. Despite the recent SC ruling on the right to privacy which means that a person’s food and personal tastes cannot be interfered with, the government is interfering with long-held traditions on the occasion of Bakrid. The government has not brought any notification in this matter. If the government says that buying and selling of camels is illegal, they must clarify that the largest sales of camels in the country are done in Rajasthan and Gujarat where the governments are run by the BJP. The CPI(ML) strongly opposes the targeting of a particular religion on the occasion of a religious festival.
The speakers strongly condemned the communal hate-mongering by the BJP and the resultant killings of Ramesh Minj, Alma Khalkho, and other communal attacks on Muslims and Christians. They also demanded the arrest of Birni BDO clearly implicated in the MNREGA scam, and the release of Sarita Sao who raised her voice for quality toilet construction.

It is to be noted that 10 years ago the Madras HC had allowed the sacrifice of camels. Further, on 31 May this year the Madurai court had lifted the ban on the sale and purchase of cattle. The current undeclared ban by the Jharkhand government is illegal and a direct attack on the Muslims in the State. Protesting against this, CPI (ML) MLA Rajkumar Yadav led a protest march in Rajdhanwar block on 26 August. The CPI (ML) and RYA also organized protests at Parsabni (Birni), and Garhwa (Giridih) on 27 August. The Anjuman committees of mosques at Birni and Rajdhanwar are also preparing to launch protests against the ban on camel sacrifice.