CPI(ML) held a public meeting in Bangalore to commemorate ‘150 years of Capital, 100 years of Russian Revolution and 50 years of Naxalbari and Liberation’ on 15 Nov. 2017.

Com. Balan spoke on Conditions of working class before and after 1917. He reiterated the need for building working class struggles and movement in a militant and revolutionary way. He called upon workers to become communists and members of CPI(ML) to fulfil the dream of a egalitarian society and to defeat fascism.

Dr Laxminarayana recollected the course taken by the capital in last 150 years and asserted the need for a revolutionary alternative. Com. Clifton recalled the events of Naxalbari and its journey of 50 years and also 50 years of the publication of CPI(ML) Central Organ, the Liberation. He said that only a revolutionary party like CPI(ML) and the path of Naxalbari can liberate workers from the shackles of wage slavery.

Com. Shankar presided the meeting while AIPWA president Dr Rati Rao expressed her joy in seeing large number of women workers joining the communist movement. Comrades Nirmala, Javaraiah, Puttegowda and Mohan also spoke in the meeting. Hundreds of workers from different sectors and industries including Readymix, Race Course, water supply, public sector etc. participated in the public meeting and a large number of them were women sanitation workers.