Dozens of women in Bangrakala panchayat in Giridih led by ex-Mukhiya Savitri Devi held a protest demonstration and showed black flags to the official guests of ODF celebrations on November 20. These so called festivities were organised after the Bangrakala, along with five other panchayats in the district comprising of 24 villages, was officially ‘declared’ Open Defecation Free. The celebrations were being presided over by the Koderma MP Ravindra Kumar Rai. The protesting women came to the spot raising slogans and told everybody that the village is far from ODF and such declarations and celebrations are false. Savitri Devi said that the present Mukhiya has appropriated funds meant for the ODF scheme and has allocated toilets to the undeserving well off families depriving many poor families of toilets. Facing a daring protest, the MP was left with no option than to come down from the stage and assure all families of the promised toilets.