In order to have a critical assessment of government’s policy towards the students and youth of the country, AISA has taken up a survey campaign which will be taken among the students of Delhi University. The campaign will simultaneously be taken to students and youths nationally. The ‘Report Card’ will find out to what extent did the Modi government fulfil the promises it made to the students and youths of this country. The Report Card will test the reality of Delhi University based on the following criteria:

1) Jobs and Placements: While PM Modi promised to create 2 crore new jobs per year, the rate of unemployment has grown in the year 2017-18 from 4.7 to 6 % (source – CMIE). Despite being the best UG University in India, most colleges in DU have non-functioning placement cells with no job guarantee.

2) Scarcity of Hostels for Students: Out of more than 1.5 lakh DU students, only 4000 students get hostels. Despite more than approx 100 acres lands available, government has not constructed any hostel. It’s unwillingness to implement Rent Regulation Act has led to almost two fold increase in the last four years.

3) Transportation Facility for Students: In the last four years Metro fares have been hiked by over 100 percent and students are forced to pay more than 100 per day on transportation.

4) Fee Hike: In the last four years college fee has been approximately doubled yet most colleges have acutely inadequate permanent teaching faculties, classrooms, libraries, labs, sports grounds and facilities, activity and common rooms. Despite the farce of NAAC inspection and high rankings, DU colleges face acute shortage of permanent teaching faculty and almost 4,500 teachers are working on ad hoc basis (approx. 50 %).

5) Women Safety: As cases of sexual harassment has increasingly grown, no concrete step has been taken in the last four to ensure the freedom and safety college going girls. Even the college committees against sexual harassment remain non-functional. Despite promises of Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao, No concrete step has been taken to ensure women safety and freedom.BJP legislators have stood in defence of rapists and harassers from Chandigarh to Kathua and the most recent, Muzaffarpur mass rape case.

6) Campus Violence: The biggest development in the last four year has been the reign of terror unleashed by ABVP and the protection provided to its hooligans by DU administration and Delhi Police.

DU AISA President Kawalpreet Kaur shared, “More than four years have passed since this government came to power but the situation of the students community has worsened. It has only made empty promises to the youth of this country and has failed to guarantee dignified employment for them. We have planned to reach out to every student of DU and ask them if they are satisfied with the present conditions or not. All the data collected from the students ‘Report Card’ will be made public on 17th August where it will be presented to all concerned authorities.”