Dr Ashok Mitra

Dr. Ashok Mitra breathed his last on the 1st of May at a Kolkata nursing home. He had turned 90 on April 10 and had remained active as a writer and editor till the end of his life. An economist by academic training, and a committed Marxist all through his eventful journey, Mitra had served both as a chief economic advisor at the Centre and as the Finance Minister in the early phase of the Left Front Government in West Bengal. But he will also be fondly remembered as a great and prolific writer, his regular columns – especially ‘Calcutta Diary’ in Economic and Political Weekly and ‘Cutting Corners’ in the Kolkata-based English daily The Telegraph – and his analytical and autobiographical writings were read and admired by a large readership. After parting ways with the CPI(M) and the Left Front Government, he remained steadfast as a Marxist critic while never showing any sympathy for the bourgeois opposition. His firm voice against the forcible acquisition of fertile land in Singur distinguished him from the pool of pro-CPI(M) Marxist economists who could never muster the courage to criticize the CPI(M)’s surrender to the neo-liberal economic paradigm in West Bengal. CPI(ML) Central Committee and Liberation pay heartfelt tribute to this great Marxist intellectual.

Comrade Vaskar Nandi

Comrade Vaskar Nandi, a frontline leader of the Naxalbari movement, passed away at his residence in Jalpaiguri on the morning of 4th May after a protracted battle with throat cancer. In the 1060s Comrade Nandy had gone abroad for his higher education and briefly taught sociology in Columbia University in the US before returning to India and joining the Naxalbari movement. He played a leading role in building and expanding the CPI(ML) in Assam and Tripura before he got arrested during the Emergency. After coming out of jail he worked as a PB member of the PCC, CPI(ML). Since the 1980s he had been working with various anti-communal campaigns and identity-based movements. He was elected General Secretary of PCC at the last Congress of the organization. On behalf of the Central Committee of CPI(ML), Comrade Abhijit Mazumdar joined the funeral of Comrade Vaskar Nandi and extended condolences to all his comrades, family members and friends.


Comrade Gangadhar Yadav

Comrade Gangadhar Yadav, founding leader of the party in Birni block of Giridih, Jharkhand, passed away on 18 May 2018. His sudden demise is a great loss to the party, and he will be sorely missed in these very challenging times in Jharkhand.

Red Salute to Comrade Gangadhar Yadav!

Comrade Satyabadi Behera

Comrade Satyabadi Behera, veteran CPI(ML) leader in Odisha, passed away on 11 May 2018. He was the Puri District Committee Secretary, member of the Odisha State Committee and National Council member of the AIARLA. Born in a Dalit family in Odisha, he joined the CPI(ML) movement and emerged as a leader of militant agrarian struggles of the rural poor.

Red Salute to Comrade Satyabadi!


Comrade Janak Manjhi

Red salute to Comrade Janak Manjhi, leading organizer of the CPI(ML) in Nalanda district of Bihar! Comrade Janak passed away on 13 May 2018.

Comrade Sajjad Ansari

Veteran CPI(ML) leader Comrade Sajjad Ansari passed away on 17 May 2018 in a hospital in Durgapur. He was 67. Hailing from Khairadih, he joined CPI(ML) in 1972, and had been a Block Committee member of Nirsa. He was a much loved leader in rural Jharkhand, who had played a very important role in many movements including the Dahivadi Manual Truck Loading workers’ struggle, the struggle of the fishermen of Pachet Dam, and the JHAMKIS movement.

Red Salute to Comrade Sajjad Ansari!