Obituary : Comrade Navin Ji & Comrade Shanti Devi

Comrade Navin Ji

Comrade Navin ji (Shivkumar ji), a first generation leader of the Naxalbari movement, passed away at the age of 78 on 6 December in Aajokopa, Rupauli (Purnea). He originally hailed from Patna district.
Com. Navin became a full time activist in the 70s after being inspired by the Naxalbari struggle and remain committed to the revolutionary line of Com. Charu Mazumdar. He was part of two jail break campaigns- in Patna in 1974 and in Bhagalpur in 1976 and managed to escape both times. Several comrades also lost their lives during the jail break.

Com. Navin was elected to the zonal committee of Nawada (Bihar) in 1974 and became the member of East Bihar zonal committee in 1978. He also undertook the responsibility of party work in Purnea, Naugachiya, Bhagalpur, Nalanda and some other districts. From 1987 to 2015, he served as the Nawada district office secretary. Since 2015, he started living in Rupauli in Purnea. His death is a great loss for the party.
Red Salute to Comrade Navin.

Comrade Shanti Devi

Com. Shanti Devi, a popular and fighting leader of AIPWA from Tarari, Bhojpur passed away on 16 December 2017. She was 55 years of age. Com. Shanti Devi had been keeping unwell and was with her brother in Chhattisgarh and at the time of her death.

A senior comrade, Shanti Devi was a member of the Bhojpur district committee for a very long time. She was a district level leader of AIPWA and a whole timer of the party. She was also the wife of late Comrade Vindeshwari. The party has lost a dedicated and a senior leader with her death. She remained a communist activist throughout her life and was a popular leader in the entire Bhojpur.

Red Salute to Comrade Shanti Devi!

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