04 April 2017

A Brute Display of State Terror

(Purushuttam Roy Barman, Secretary, Tripura Human Rights Organisation writes about a visit to the site of the infamous massacre of 7 CPI(ML) comrades in Tripura in 1980.) 25th February, 2017, we are in front of the Martyr’s Column at Kalacherra Bazar, about five kilometres from Dharmanagar, North Tripura. About 200 people have gathered to pay homage to Gobinda Teli and his 6 comrades, who were killed by a combined posse of State Police & CRPF, in total 47 Persons, led by Mr. T K Sanyal, SDPO, Dharmanagar on this day of 1980, in a brazen and most brutal manifestation of state terror and violence. This is my first visit to Kalacherra. I have come to meet with the survivors and family members of the martyrs Comrades Gobinda Teli, Ranjan Nath, Chandan Namashudra alias Kshiroda, Kshitipati Das, Akkel Mian, Chandrakanta and Kalinjoy Sinha. When Comrade Mrinmoy (CC Member of CPI(ML) Liberation) asked me to visit there I agreed at once. In front of the Martyrs’ Column, there is a bust of Comrade Gobinda Teli. The names of 7 martyrs are inscribed on the column. A mother, aged about 40 years, her daughter, around 5 years in her lap, stands in silence before the column. Tears are rolling from her eyes, the daughter is also weeping, not loudly but silently. The child has understood the gravity and sanctity of the occasion...

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The BJP Has Won the Electoral Battle in UP, India Must Fight Back and Win the War of Democracy

At the end of the first quarter of 2017 we are faced with a very challenging situation. The Trump Administration has taken over the reins of power in America unleashing unbridled despotism, racism and xenophobia. While Muslims from several countries are being debarred from visiting America, immigrants in general are being subjected to escalating racist attacks. Large sections of American people are however up in arms against this misogynist and racist despot. As a loyal junior partner of the American camp, the Modi government is however all praise for the Islamophobic Trump regime even as growing racist anti-immigrant hatred in Trump’s America claims Indian lives and subjects Indians to growing insecurity and humiliation. Indeed, Trump and Modi are being seen today by the whole world as belonging to the same league of despotic rulers who are cashing in on the growing sense of insecurity among the people and the deepening economic crisis and instability caused by corporate globalization to unleash an all-out fascist offensive on the institutions and principles of democracy. The recent round of Assembly elections provided yet another glaring example of the true nature of the Modi regime. During his extensive election campaign in UP, Modi quite tellingly moved away from his 2014 script of ‘development’ to indulge in a blatant communal discourse pitting cremation grounds against graveyards and even comparing the supply of electricity during Muslim...

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LIBERATION - Central Organ of CPI(ML) October 2017

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