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‘Not Notes, Change the Regime’

Two weeks have elapsed since the dramatic announcement of demonetization of 500 and 1000-rupee notes. In one fell swoop, the government has withdrawn more than 80 percent of the total ... (read full text)

Say a Firm and Loud NO to ‘Encounter Raj’

In Gujarat, Narendra Modi had consolidated his rule first by giving a free hand to the Sangh brigade to carry out the infamous Gujarat genocide and then by manipulating the ... (read full text)

Delhi Pollution Needs Political Will Not Piecemeal Responses

Once again, Delhi is almost choking. The 20 million residents of Delhi are suffering from persistent coughs, burning eyes, itchy throats, asthma and bronchitis. And yes, this is simply because ... (read full text)

November Revolution Centenary: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A silent revolution in the realm of philosophy and politics took place in 1845 when the young Karl Heinrich Marx concluded his Thesis on Feuerbach with the assertion “The philosophers ... (read full text)

50 Years Of Naxalbari

“ Naxalbari is alive and will remain alive because this is built on the foundation of Marxism-Leninism and that of Mao. We know there are many barriers before us, many ... (read full text)

Demonetization Disaster : The People Suffer, the King Enjoys

Demonetization: Claims and Facts Many tall claims have been made about the dramatic and draconian demonetization move made by the Modi government. Modi himself is trying to divert from hard ... (read full text)

Countrywide Anger Against Anti-Poor Demonetization

CPI(ML), AISA and AICCTU are conducting a campaign against demonetization from 16 November onwards in different working class settlements of Delhi, which is due to culminate in a March to ... (read full text)

A Day in the #Cashless City of Delhi

We have been advised to shift to plastic money and digital wallets- well actually, one particular brand of it- by the head of the Central government. So I decide to ... (read full text)

Solidarity with the Peoples of Kashmir

(Statement issued by a team of activists after a visit to Kashmir from 11-20 November. Kavita Krishnan from AIPWA was part of this team.) We, twenty five citizens of India, ... (read full text)

7th AIPWA National Conference in Patna

The 7th AIPWA National Conference was held in Patna on 13-14 November 2016, at the Bharatiya Nritya Kala Mandir. The Conference called for women’s resistance to patriarchy and the growing ... (read full text)

Resisting Assaults On Its Basic Character

The state of Jharkhand came into being on November 15, 2000, the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda, leader of the anti-colonial adivasi resistance movement. The basic premise of the movement ... (read full text)

A Series of Atrocities In Jharkhand This Year

Mar 18, 2016: Cattle trader Mohammad Majloom (35) and Inayatullah Khan (12), hanged from a tree in Latehar by ‘cow protection’ goons June 13 2016: A teenage Dalit girl subjected ... (read full text)


Comrade Rohtas Bharati Comrade Rohtas Bharati from Narela, Delhi, passed away in the early morning of 18 November 2016 in a hospital in Faridabad after a long battle with cancer. ... (read full text)

Feeding ‘the Donald’ – Why Trump Won and What it May mean

When on Donald Trump’s birthday earlier this year, photos were circulating of Modi Bhakts in Delhi feeding cake to cut outs of ‘the Donald’, few people actually expected that Trump ... (read full text)

Dario Fo

An obituary often mourns and bids adieu. This one will not. Type Dario Fo’s name on any search engine and you will see image after image of this happy looking ... (read full text)

December 2016

... (read full text)

November 2016

... (read full text)

Reject War-Mongering

With the claimed ‘surgical strikes’ on alleged terrorist bases across the LoC in Kashmir, the Modi government believes it has finally found a talking point. More than two years in ... (read full text)

Resist The Assault On Cultural Freedom And Indo-Pakistan Friendship

On 4 October 2016, the concluding day of the 14th national conference of IPTA in Indore, 10-12 goons from a little known organization called Bharat Swabhiman Manch attacked the event, ... (read full text)

Stop Peddling War and Hate

From the mouths of politicians, the daily ‘news’ bulletins from television media, a war on our collective intelligence and humanity has been declared. It had been declared long ago – ... (read full text)