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India and Pakistan at War Against Peaceniks

(Op-Ed by Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif, October 16, 2016, New York Times) Once, in a TV studio near Delhi almost eight years ago, I tried to stop a war between ... (read full text)

Gender Justice And Equality Not Communally-Defined ‘Uniformity’

While fully supporting the Muslim women’s groups in their struggle for abolition of various patriarchal practices in Muslim Personal Laws, the bid to open the debate on ‘Uniform Civil Code’ ... (read full text)

Sanitation Workers’ Struggle

Every morning, in every village, town and city around the country, even before the sun rises, an army of lakhs of safai karamcharis begin their daily work of sweeping the ... (read full text)

Communal Violence In Bihar, UP, Bengal

(In the past couple of months, there have been several systematic instances of communal violence being stoked in various parts of India. Especially in the climate of war-mongering, even resisting ... (read full text)

Attack on Dalits in Punjab

On the evening of 5 October a large mob of the dominant caste, associated with the ruling Akali Dal (Badal) faction in a village in Sangrur district attacked a dalit ... (read full text)

All India Student-Youth March On the 109th Birth Anniversary of Bhagat Singh

Students and youth from all over the country gathered at Delhi on 28 September to March from to Parliament Street, resolving to fight to achieve the India of Bhagat Singh ... (read full text)

Raghubar Das Government’s War on Anti-Land-Grab Agitators

In two months, the police and CRPF in BJP-ruled Jharkhand have fired on protesting farmers and tribals no less than thrice. In late August, Jharkhand police fired on anti-land-grab protestors ... (read full text)

17th World Trade Union Congress of WFTU

6-Member Delegation of AICCTU Participates The 17th Congress of the WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) was held on 5-8 October 2016 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban ... (read full text)

National Conference of All India Construction Workers’ Federation

The 3rd national conference of AICWF concluded in Ranchi on 29-30 September with a call of struggle for ‘Higher Wages and Regular Work.’ The conference venue was named after recently ... (read full text)

Heisnam Kanhailal: Theatre of Resistance

(Usham Rojio, research scholar at the Theatre & Performance Studies Department at JNU’s School of Arts and Aethetics, remembers Manipur’s towering theatre personality Heisnam Kanhailal, who passed away on 6 ... (read full text)

Obituary : Comrade Janardan Harijan

Comrade Janardan Harijan, State Committee member of CPI(ML)’s Jharkhand Committee, passed away on 8 October. He was 54. Fondly called Comrade JD, he was born in a Dalit coal workers’ ... (read full text)

Corbyn’s Second Mandate

After another summer of intensive campaigning by his supporters, Jeremy Corbyn swept to victory in a second Labour leadership election on September 24th, with an even larger mandate of 62% ... (read full text)

We Can’t Feed The Poor But We Can Fund A War?

‘Bhookhe bhajan na hoye gopala’ goes the Hindi saying – ‘You can’t pray on an empty stomach.’ Can you hate on an empty stomach? Indian PM Modi, after challenging Pakistan ... (read full text)

Excluding the People

(Excerpt from a piece by writer Githa Hariharan, 13 October 2016, in Newsclick, commenting on the culture of jingoism and militarism being promoted in the name of ‘patriotism.’) The masks ... (read full text)

The Lives of Muslims, Dalits, Kashmiris and Even Soldiers Are Cheap in Modi Rule

‘Cow protection mobs’ continue to remain absolutely confident of impunity thanks to patronage from the ruling regime in India, even after the Una uprising and the outrage over the Dadri ... (read full text)

Left Sweeps JNUSU, AISA Emerges as Third Force in DUSU

The vicious campaign by the Sangh Parivar, Modi Government and sections of the media to brand JNU as ‘anti-national’ and ‘Shut Down JNU’ received a resounding rebuff in the 2016 ... (read full text)

Why Indian workers abroad are indebted to a former Jharkhand MLA

(A piece by Shahnawaz Akhtar in DailyO on 11 September 2016) Early this year, Hulas Chandra Singh, Ruplal Thakur and Deewakar Mahto along with 40 others went to Malaysia. All ... (read full text)

Socio-Economic Emancipation, Social Equality and Equity Vs the ‘Social Harmony’ of Modi and the RSS

The Una uprising – in the BJP’s own ‘model’ state Gujarat – organically raised the issues of dignity, land and livelihood. Dalits, rebelling against the Gau-Goons, declared they would no ... (read full text)

Singur Verdict : Inspiring Victory for Peasants Warning To Governments Against Land Grab and State Repression

The Supreme Court verdict setting aside land acquisition for the Tata Nano project in Singur and ordering return of the illegally-acquired land to the peasants of Singur is a historic ... (read full text)