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Arise My Country – For an India of Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar’s Dreams

Rohith Vemula was branded an “anti-national”, “extremist” and “casteist”. He was hounded to his death by a relentless ABVP-RSS-BJP campaign vilifying his ideas and his politics. Soon after, it was ... (read full text)

The Left in 2016: Tough Challenges And Great Opportunities (Part IV)

In our far-from-comprehensive survey of recent developments in the international left-democratic movement we have already visited Venezuela, Greece, Britain and the US. In this concluding part we briefly discuss Portugal, ... (read full text)

Communal Conspiracies in Bihar and Jharkhand

(Parvez reports from Bihar and Manoj Bhakta from Jharkhand) Nitish Kumar talks big about a ‘Sangh-free India’, but his attitude towards the BJP and the Sangh Parivar’s communal agenda is ... (read full text)

CPI (ML) Leader Garo Paswan Murdered

Serial Killing of CPI(ML) Leaders Continues In Beguserai On the night of 15 April 65 year old senior CPI (ML) leader Com. Rameshwar Paswan known as Garo Paswan was killed ... (read full text)

AIPWA Protest Against Rape-Accused RJD MLA

The All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) held a militant march to the Governor’s house (Rajbhavan) in Patna on 21st April, demanding that rape-accused RJD MLA Raj Ballabh Yadav be ... (read full text)

CPI(ML) in Assembly Elections 2016

TAMIL NADU Madhavaram ———— S. Janakiraman Ulundoorpettai ——– M. Venkatesan Kumarapalayam ——— A. Govindaraj Kolachal ————– S. M. Anthonimuthu Ambattur ————- K. Palanivel Mettupalayam ——— P. Natarajan Gondampalayam ——– M. ... (read full text)

Obituary : Dipankar Mukherjee

Comrade Dipankar Mukherjee, an ardent supporter of the Naxalbari Movement since its inception passed away on 12th April 2016 in a hospital at Dankuni, Hooghly, West Bengal at the age ... (read full text)

AIPF National Convention in Delhi

The All India People’s Forum (AIPF) held a national convention on the theme “Deepening socio-economic crisis: Way forward for peoples struggles to defend country and democracy“ on 18th April 2016 ... (read full text)

Bant Singh Refuses Delhi Government Award

Revolutionary balladeer and icon of Dalit resistance, Bant Singh, turned down a state award offered to him by the AAP’s Delhi Government. The Delhi Government had invited him to accept ... (read full text)

Reject Sangh-BJP Lessons on Nationalism, Defeat Modi’s Attempt to Appropriate Ambedkar

Close to two years in power, the BJP now realises it pretty well that it cannot fight another election on the pretentious plank of development or repatriation of black money. ... (read full text)

Call of April 22 : Strengthen the Student-Youth Upsurge! # Build a Bulwark of People’s Resistance!! # Save Democracy, Save India!!!

This April 22 we will observe the 47th anniversary of the foundation of CPI(ML), and May 25 will mark the commencement of the 50th year of the historic Naxalbari uprising ... (read full text)

Right to Privacy vs the State and Private Interests

Most of us have seen some or the other family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor bustle about getting an Aadhar Card for the whole family. Mass camps were conducted where ... (read full text)

Corporate Plunder From Public Sector Banks

The Modi Government has made it clear that while it will help corporations loot and scoot from India, it will brand activists defending the rights of India’s poor as ‘anti-nationals’. ... (read full text)

Put An End to Caste Consolidation on the Basis of Dalit Oppression

“The accelerated and all-round penetration of capital, including in agriculture, takes place not so much by eradicating as by utilising the stubborn remnants of feudalism in production relations and value ... (read full text)

What Is The Government Hiding?

(Author is a Research Consultant with the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace. This is a slightly updated version of an article that appeared in On March 11, news ... (read full text)

Suicide of a Refugee : Plight of Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu

On 6th March this year, a 45 year-old Sri Lankan Tamil refugee Raveendran climbed up to the high-tension electric tower in the Uchapatti refugee camp of Madurai, and electrocuted himself ... (read full text)

Why Is The Grand Alliance Government in Bihar Letting Feudal, Communal and Criminal Forces Run Amok?

The Grand Alliance Government won the Bihar elections riding a powerful anti-BJP wave, because the people of Bihar were determined to teach the feudal-communal BJP a lesson. However, as in ... (read full text)

Cry My Beloved Country

The temple of Mother India is full, Landlord, usurer, capitalist, rich trader, All are crowded inside with the cruel butcher, Only the poor patriot in khaddar is outside. – Baba ... (read full text)