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Interview : “Left must come up as an alternative to take Bihar forward”

Bihar assembly election is being labeled as India’s biggest election after 2014 parliamentary polls. Where does ML stand in the poll arena and what will be the main issues ... (read full text)

Updates : Protest Against Demolition of Workers’ Homes in Chandigarh

Dhanas is a small colony situated in the Union territory of Chandigarh and it also houses several workers living and working in the city. Since last few years there have ... (read full text)

Update : Left Parties’ Nationwide Protests Against Corrupt Modi Government

Left parties- CPI (ML), CPI, CPI (M), Forward Block, RSP and SUCI (C) held protest marches and meetings in several cities, state capitals and the national capital, Delhi on 20 ... (read full text)

Update : All India People’s Forum

Since the founding conference of the AIPF in Delhi in March, there have been many initiatives and efforts on a range of issues. Here is a quick update. Land Rights ... (read full text)

Update : Atali: Another Laboratory For Communal Forces

(Excerpt from a report by an AIPF team that visited Atali village in Haryana) In the three-wheeler on the way to Atali, the subject of communal violence is met with ... (read full text)

Mid-Day Meal and ASHA Workers Struggles

Three Day Hunger Strike of Bihar Mid-day Meal Workers There are about 2,28,000 rasoiyas (mid-day meal cooks) working to prepare midday meals in government schools in Bihar, most of them ... (read full text)

Update : Mukti Chai

Cultural protest meet in Kolkata demands release of all political prisoners Exactly two months after Chhatradhar Mahato, leader of the Lalgarh adivasi movement, was given life sentence by a sessions ... (read full text)

Obituary : Remembering Praful Bidwai

We mourn the sudden demise of renowned journalist, noted columnist, anti-nuclear activist and Left political commentator Praful Bidwai. Known to speak truth to the powers that be, he always wrote ... (read full text)

Greece: Betraying People’s Referendum, Syriza Capitulates to Troika’s Memorandum

During World War II, Greece was subjected to occupation by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Seventy years later, Germany, at the helm of a bullying Europe, is again out to colonise Greece ... (read full text)

Hanging Yakub Memon Will Not Serve The Interests Of Justice

The CPI(ML) Liberation urges the President of India to accept the mercy petition of Yakub Memon, in the interests of justice. Hanging Yakub Memon will not provide justice for the ... (read full text)

Obituary : Comrade Arun Pandey

Comrade Arun Pandey, member of Sariya Block Committee of CPI(ML) and a local leader of long standing, was brutally murdered by BJP-backed criminals in early morning on July 2 when ... (read full text)

July 2015

... (read full text)

Crony Capitalist Nexus Between NaMo Government and LaMo

The UPA Government lost credibility and earned people’s anger for the series of scams stemming from its crony capitalist nexus with corporations. Within a year of the Modi Government, it ... (read full text)

Why the Modi Government Wants to Distort and Diminish FTII

( Surabhi is a documentary filmmaker and FTII alumnus. Here, she reflects on what FTII means to her; what stands threatened by the BJP Government’s choice of political appointees to ... (read full text)

The Maggi Mess: Two-Minute Flash in the Pan or Wake Up Call?

Is the Maggi controversy a mere storm in a teacup? Are Governments blowing it out of proportion? We don’t agree. We think it is important to hold corporations (MNCs and ... (read full text)

Why Does the Modi Government Feel Threatened by Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle?

In the latest instance of saffron crackdown on dissent and freedom of expression, the IIT Madras de-recognised the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle, after the Modi Government’s MHRD forwarded an anonymous ... (read full text)

Modi’s Misogyny is Not A Slip of the Tongue

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced international outrage and criticism when he remarked about Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, that “Despite being a woman, she has declared zero tolerance ... (read full text)

Yoga Day : Promoting Health? Or Homogenization?

21 June 2015 was declared by the United Nations, following the appeal from the India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the International Day of Yoga. Prior to the much televised ... (read full text)

Footfalls of Another Undeclared Emergency

One Year of the Modi Government A year ago, a Government was elected at the Centre, promising good days. A year later, what have people got? Anti-worker labour law changes, ... (read full text)

State Repression and Caste Violence in Palamu

An AIPF team visited Palamu region (Jharkhand) on 17-18 June to investigate cases of state-police repression and social oppression. The team comprised of ex-MLA Vinod Singh, Ananta Prasada Gupta, Dayamani ... (read full text)