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Special Feature : Unity For People’s Rights, Against Corporate-Communal Offensive

Arrange of concerned citizens, mass organizations, social movements, trade unions and political parties have come together to form the All India People’s Forum (AIPF) to take on the offensive of ... (read full text)

Special Feature : All India People’s Forum Foundation Statement

We concerned citizens and members of mass organizations, social movements, trade unions and political parties from various progressive traditions have come together in the All India People’s Forum (AIPF) to ... (read full text)

Special Feature : AIPF Basic Structure and Norms

All India People’s Forum is united platform of democratic organizations and individuals committed to the fullest realization of democratic rights, wellbeing and dignified and harmonious coexistence of the Indian people ... (read full text)

Special Feature : Memorandum Submitted to President of India after Jan Sansad

Memorandum To Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honourable President, Union of India Subject: Gram Sabha Resolutions against moves to distort and curtail the Land Acquisition, MNREGA and Food Security laws Sir, A ... (read full text)

Updates : Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day Observed

More than 1200 young workers took out a rally in Sriperumbudur to reclaim the anti-imperialist, anti-communal legacy of Bhagat Singh, Rajaguru and Sukhdev on their martyrdom day. The rally was ... (read full text)

Update : Kisan Mahasabha’s Vidhan Sabha March for Bindukhatta

The fight for revenue village status for Bindukhatta has been going on since the 70s under the banner of the red flag. In the initial stages the demand for making ... (read full text)

Kisan Mahasabha Holds Countrywide Protests against Land Acquisition Ordinance

The Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Mahasabha organized countrywide protest demonstrations against the Land Acquisition ordinance on 23 February 2015. Thousands of farmers took part in these protests held in about 84 ... (read full text)

Campaign in Gaya against police complicity in murder

CPI(ML) has been running a campaign against police repression in Gaya district, after the dead body of 35-year Laldev Yadav was found in a jeep parked within the premises of ... (read full text)

Protest in Gopalganj against feudal-communal forces

CPI(ML) held a one-day protest in Gopalganj on 18 January 2015, against attacks on women by the Hindu Yuva Vahini and other feudal- communal forces. On 19 December last year, ... (read full text)

OBITUARY : Red Salute to Comrade Man Singh Pal

Comrade Man Singh Pal, CPI(ML) Uttarakhand’s state committee member and popular leader of the Bindukhatta movement, passed away on 9 March 2015 in Delhi. Born in 1960, Comrade Man Singh ... (read full text)

TRIBUTE : Vinod Mehta

Vinod Mehta, journalist and founder editor-in-chief of the Out- look magazine, passed away on 8 March 2015 at the age of 73. He will be remembered for having published investigative ... (read full text)

TRIBUTE : Saroj Dutta

(On 13 March 2015, the birth centenary of revolutionary poet and martyred CPI(ML) leader Saroj Dutt concluded. In tribute, we carry a translation of one of his best known poems.) ... (read full text)


(Revolutionary Naxalite poet of Punjab, Avtar Singh Sandhu ‘Pash’, was killed on 23 March 1988 by Khalistani terrorists. In tribute to his memory, here are some excerpts from his poems.) ... (read full text)

Land Rights, Labour Rights Campaign

“Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist so long as the Indian toiling masses and the natural resources are being exploited by a handful ... (read full text)

March 2015

... (read full text)

Delhi Gives Modi His First Big Jolt

Just nine months after the BJP’s sweeping Lok Sabha victory under Modi’s stewardship, Delhi has handed out the BJP a crushing defeat in the elections to the Delhi Assembly. In ... (read full text)

The Exit of Jitan Ram Manjhi and the Agenda of Assertion of the Oppressed People in Bihar Politics

After nine months of professed ‘renunciation’ of office, Nitish Kumar has secured his ‘re-anointment’ as the Chief Minister of Bihar. The much awaited showdown between Nitish Kumar and Jitan Ram ... (read full text)

Covert Attack on the Constitution

On the occasion of Republic Day, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of the Modi Government issued an advertisement, with an image of the Preamble of the Constitution minus two key ... (read full text)

Challenge Islamophobic and Racist Violence in the US and India

The murder of three young Muslims in the US, followed by the brutal violence by US police on an aged Indian man, Sureshbhai Patel, have once again shone the spotlight ... (read full text)

It Isn’t ‘Terrorism’ If the Perpetrator is White ?

Rania Khalek asked ‘Why can’t media describe Chapel Hill murders as terrorism? Submitted by Rania Khalek’ (Electronic Intifada, 17 February, 2015). Here are excerpts from her story. Deah Barakat, Yusor ... (read full text)