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CPI(M)’s 21st Congress Draft: Evasive Account of Recurring Lapses and Alarming Decline

The CPI(M) CC has released the draft review report on the party’s political-tactical line (PTL) for the forthcoming 21st Congress of the party. The report takes a critical look at ... (read full text)

Beyond the Namobama’Hype

As Prime Minister, he devoted his first Independence Day speech to inviting foreign capital to come and ‘make in India’. Now Narendra Damodardas Modi has used the first Republic Day ... (read full text)

Modi’s Secret Promises on Nuke Liability Selling Out Indian Interests to US Corporations

News channels gave ‘wall-to-wall coverage’ of the Obama visit. “The nation” was told about Obama’s dietary preferences and Michelle’s frocks and Obama-Modi “gup.” Yet, in spite of the hype and ... (read full text)

How Modi Government is Placating Big Pharma

(Paranjoy Guha Thakuta, noted journalist, educator and commentator exposes how Modi is appeasing pharmaceutical corporations at the cost of India’s poor patients’ access to medicines. A shorter version of the ... (read full text)

Reforming FCI or Cutting Back Food Security?

(It is well known that the USA is putting pressure on India to give up its food security programme by undermining public procurement and the public distribution system, to make ... (read full text)

Update Reprot : First State Convention of the Insaaf Manch in Bihar

The ‘Insaaf Manch’ (Platform for Justice) was formed an year ago in Muzaffarpur to raise the voices of minorities, dalits and women. In one of its major initiatives, the Insaaf ... (read full text)

Update Report : Struggle Against Gang Rape and Murder of Adivasi Girl in Jharkhand

Madwadih is a small village in the Gomiya block of Bokaro district. There is no means of livelihood in or around this village. The hilly and rocky soil, devoid of ... (read full text)

Updates Report : All India Conference of Contract Workers in Bangaluru

All India Conference of Contract Workers, organized by AICCTU, was held in Bangalore on 1-2 February 2015. On the first day of the conference, around 4000 workers marched from Freedom ... (read full text)

Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai

Nakul Singh Sawhney’s new documentary, Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai, lays bare the crucial relationship between the communal pogrom in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts of Western Uttar Pradesh, and the historic victory ... (read full text)

Obituary : Professor Tulsi Ram # Comrade Rajarshi Dasgupta

Professor Tulsi Ram Professor Tulsi Ram’s untimely demise at the age of 65 years took place on 13 February at Rockland Hospital in Faridabad. Till his last breath he continued ... (read full text)

Winds of Change in Greece: the Battle Goes On

“My country has suffered a humanitarian catastrophe that is unprecedented during peacetime, but we are also the country that is closest to reversing the policies that have brought us to ... (read full text)

Defeat the Modi Design of Governance by Ordinance

One of Modi’s pet pronouncements after coming to power in May 2014 was ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’. By the end of the year, the meaning of the slogan became quite ... (read full text)

Land Grab Ordinance

The past decade has seen sustained struggles by farmers, adivasis, and displaced people against acquisition of agricultural land across the country by various companies, corporate houses, and governments. The adivasi ... (read full text)

Wooing Foreign Corporations, Criminalizing Dissent

As India approaches Republic Day, the corporate-communal shadows over the Indian Republic and Indian democracy become darker. The Modi Government, even as it dilutes protections for India’s workers, farmers and ... (read full text)

Disenfranchising the Poor and Marginalized

The BJP Government in Rajasthan has, days before panchayat polls in the State, introduced an ordinance mandating minimum educational qualifications for Panchayat candidates. According to the ordinance, a candidate should ... (read full text)

Clean Chit to Amit Shah : Getting Away with Murder

A special court of the Central Bureau of Investigation has declared that BJP president Amit Shah will not face prosecution in the murder cases of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife Kauserbi ... (read full text)

Saffronization Threatens Science

Who controls the past, controls the future.. . Who controls the present controls the past.- George Orwell. Concocting past ‘glories’ does injustice to the real scientific achievements of ancient India, ... (read full text)

Victory for Jadavpur Students’ Hokkolorob Struggle

(The Hokkolorob movement is a remarkable landmark in students’ and people’s movements in India. It is significant for its emphasis on gender justice; its ability to forge and maintain unity ... (read full text)

Communal Politics With Women’s Wombs

It was Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, who kick-started the most recent bout of Hindutva hate and fear-mongering against the supposed ‘dangers’ to Hinduism from the ... (read full text)