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Islamophobia And ‘Free Speech’ Hypocrisy

(In this feature we seek to examine the Islamophobia and racism in Europe that have escalated with the Paris attacks, and the hypocrisy of various regimes as well as right-wing ... (read full text)

Rewinding the Battle of Algiers in the Shadow of the Attack on Charlie Hebdo

(Reproduced with thanks from the Critical Legal Thinking blog, 14 January 2015) The only way forward is to fight against the realities of Islamophobia by fighting for the realization of ... (read full text)

A Silenced Writer in the Land of Periyar

Dinamalar, a popular Tamil daily, carried a news item on January 13 titled ‘Perumal Murugan, the controversial writer, apologised’. During peace talks held, Perumal Murugan tendered an unconditional apology for ... (read full text)

Mr VC, Lucknow University Withdraw Expulsion of Student Activist for Organising Talk on Women’s Freedom!

(Text of a petition against the expulsion of AISA’s UP State President Sudhanshu Bajpai from Lucknow University) Dear Mr VC, When the whole world is demanding the protection of freedom ... (read full text)

Why Does the RSS Fear PK?

What accounts for the immense popularity of the Raj Kumar Hirani film ‘PK’, starring Aamir Khan? The film has broken box office records, emerging as the highest Bollywood grosser ever. ... (read full text)

Grim Reality of ‘Make in India’

(Even as the Modi Government woos MNCs to ‘Make in India’, promising them ‘low cost manufacture’ and further weakening labour law implementation, several recent struggles and reports from across India ... (read full text)

Update : Communal Violence in Muzaffarpur

2015 has begun with a re-run of the Muzaffarnagar communal violence, this time in Muzaffarpur of Bihar. The violence claimed the lives of five people and arson destroyed the entire ... (read full text)

Update : Massive Rally Marks A Decade of Comrade Mahendra Singh’s Martyrdom

Massive Rally Marks A Decade of Comrade Mahendra Singh’s Martyrdom A massive rally on 16 January 2015 at Bagodar marked ten years of Comrade Mahendra Singh’s martyrdom. The entire Central ... (read full text)

Rapists of Dalit Girls in Kurmuri Convicted

All 3 rapists of the 6 Dalit teenage girls in Kurmuri village, Bhojpur, Bihar, have been convicted in a remarkably short time, within three months. This verdict is a tribute ... (read full text)

Update : Nationwide protests against Land Acquisition Ordinance

After announcing the closure of the Parliament session two days before schedule, the Modi government, sensing all-pervasive opposition within as well as outside Parliament, issued an ordinance to amend the ... (read full text)

Updates : Historic Strike Against Coal Ordinance

(India’s coal mine workers held a historic two-day all-India strike against central government’s move of denationalization and privatization of coal industry through the Coal Ordinance. This was the first major ... (read full text)

Tribute : Mike Marqusee A Remembrance

I received the news of Mike’s death with shock even though I had known it was imminent. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2007 when he was 53 and given around ... (read full text)

Tribute : Jasodhara Bagchi

Veteran academic and women’s movement activist, Prof Jasodhara Bagchi passed away on January 9 at the age of 77. She taught English Literature at Jadavpur University in Kolkata since 1963, ... (read full text)

TRIBUTE : Rajni Kothari

Veteran political scientist and civil libertarian, Rajni Kothari passed away on 19th January 2015. He was 87. His book, Politics in India (1970) is a classic that is required reading ... (read full text)

On Second Cover : Burial of Planning Commission # Encouraging Competitive Federalism, Ending Balanced Development

One of the first moves of the Modi government in 2015 was to replace the 64-year old Planning Commission with the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Ayog. This is ... (read full text)

Jharkhand and J&K Election Results and the Modi Sarkar’s Continuing Corporate and Communal Offensive

With the declaration of the results of the last leg of 2014 elections, the BJP has predictably added Jharkhand to its kitty even as it emerged as the second largest ... (read full text)

Peshawar Massacre : Lessons for Pakistan, India and the Subcontinent

The barbaric massacre of 132 school children in Peshawar by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has underlined the senselessness and inhumanity of the toxic cocktail of religion and politics. This unspeakable crime ... (read full text)

Make in India: a critical examination of an economic strategy

(Excerpt from the article by Leila Gautham, Kafila, December 21, 2014) ‘Make in India’ is now an all-pervasive catchphrase – every newspaper and television channel trumpeting the Modi’s ‘clarion call’ ... (read full text)

The Political Offensive Against Women’s Autonomy

Two years after the anti-rape movement that followed December 16th 2012 in India, the hardest and most urgent challenge remains to change the conversation from that of ‘safety from rape’ ... (read full text)