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Make in India’, ‘Clean India’ and ‘Shrameva Jayate’ # Reality Beyond the Rhetoric

(An in-depth look at what Modi’s favourite slogans about FDI, ‘cleanliness’ and workers, mean for workers’ rights, and a clean environment.) Central to Modi’s mesmerising election rhetoric of ‘achchhe din’ ... (read full text)

Workers Beware – FDI is at Work !

Modi has been wooing MNCs to come ‘Make in India’. What are the conditions that MNCs demand in order to ‘make’ in any country? It is an open secret that ... (read full text)

Watch your waste

(Below are excerpts from an article in The Hindu by Dr. Nissim Mannathukkaren of Dalhousie University, Canada; ‘Watch your waste’, Sept 6 2014) In his Independence Day speech Prime Minister ... (read full text)

Creatively Apply the Lessons of the First International

In Commemoration of 150th Anniversary of Foundation ... (read full text)

Updates : Bihar Workshop For ‘Gaon ka Sach, Logon ka Haq’ Survey

The Bihar State level Party workshop was held at Ram Manohar Lohiya College in Muzaffarpur on 20-21 September. In this important 2-day workshop, the Bihar State committee of the Party ... (read full text)


Comrade Ishwarchand Com. Ishwarchand (Ratan ji) was born in Mavana village of Dist. Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. He was active in SFI in his college days. After completing his education ... (read full text)


What happens when a well-known saga of revenge and intrigue, of complex relationships and personal anguish is situated within the tragic narrative that is Kashmir? After Maqbool and Omkara, Vishal ... (read full text)

The ‘other’ Kurds fighting the Islamic State

(Dilar Dirik is a Kurdish activist and a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My research focus is Kurdistan and the Kurdish women’s movement. This article is excerpted from ... (read full text)

The Political Economy of Ebola

(Excerpt from an article in the Jacobin) Ebola is a problem that will not be solved, because it isn’t profitable to do so. One shorthand explanation is that if the ... (read full text)

On Cover : Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles

On 11th October 2014, at the Jawaharlal Nehru Yuva Kendra in Delhi, representatives of several organizations and concerned individuals met to discuss the need and possibility of forging a broad ... (read full text)

On Cover : Letter to PM on NREGA from Development Economists

Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to express our deep concern about the future of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). The NREGA was enacted in 2005 with unanimous ... (read full text)

By-Poll Reality Check For Modi Euphoria

Three rounds of by-elections have been held since the stunning May 2014 verdict, and the outcome of each round has been full of political surprise. In July, the Congress swept ... (read full text)

Kashmir: When Jingoism Threatens to Flood Humanitarian Concerns

Jammu and Kashmir as well as the areas of Kashmir across the LoC have been with the worst floods in living memory. The floods, caused by sudden and extreme rainfall, ... (read full text)

The Scottish Referendum: Raising Questions of Self-determination, Democracy and Social Justice

In the run up to the Scottish referendum, those who supported Scotland leaving the UK (the Yes campaign) were virtually unrepresented in the British media and establishment figures in England ... (read full text)

100 Days of Betrayal and Warning

100 days – mostly hard and bitter, not of the dreamy and sweet kind promised before the elections – have elapsed since Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime ... (read full text)

State Terror At Home Communal Language in Foreign Lands

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister in the Modi Government, in his speech to the Rajasthan Police Academy at Jaipur, reminded cops that while he had been the CM of Uttar Pradesh, ... (read full text)

#Hokkolorob – Let There Be Clamour! Jadavpur’s infectious autumn thunder goes viral

One of the slogans churned out of the womb of turbulent Paris in the Maydays of 1968 was ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’. The student uprising of May ‘68 with ... (read full text)

AISA Sweeps JNUSU Asserts Students’ Power in DUSU

Four months after the Lok Sabha elections paved the way for Narendra Modi and the BJP to assume power in Delhi, the national capital saw student union elections in both ... (read full text)

Meet the newly elected JNUSU office bearers

President: Ashutosh Kumar Currently a Ph.D student in JNU, Ashutosh came to JNU in 2009 for an MA in International Studies, after completing a BA in political science from the ... (read full text)