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BJP’s Vision On Education: Dangerous Cocktail of Communal Revivalism And Borrowed Obscurantism

On 20th January 2018, Satyapal Singh, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, and former Commissioner of Police in Mumbai, declared that “Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong. It ... (read full text)

Modi Rule: ‘Good Times’ For The 1%, Worse Times For 99%!

Modi came to power promising ‘Acche Din’ – Good Times. But the four years of his rule has spelt ‘Good Times’ only for India’s richest 1%, whose share in wealth ... (read full text)

Mandate Gujarat 2017: The BJP, Though Victorious, Stands Eroded In Its Stronghold

The Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 mandate is notable not so much for BJP’s victory but for the sizeable shrinking of support for BJP, not only since the 2012 Assembly Elections ... (read full text)
A Journey Of Hate

A Journey Of Hate

(In the 25th anniversary year of the Babri Masjid demolition, Liberation reflects on the journey from 6 December 1992 to the present – and how impunity for the perpetrators of ... (read full text)

Who Manufactures Terrorists Like Shambhulal Regar?

In Rajsamand in Rajasthan, Shambhulal Regar cold-bloodedly lured an immigrant labour contractor Afrazul to accompany him, felled him with an axe to the ground and then burnt him alive – ... (read full text)

Condemn US President Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

US President Trump’s declaration that his administration recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a bid to ... (read full text)

Hadiya’s Choices

— Kavita Krishnan The Supreme Court’s attitude to Hadiya, evidenced in its interim order on November 27, is disquieting. Senior advocate Shyam Divan, arguing on behalf of Hadiya’s father Asokan, ... (read full text)

FRDI Bill: Institutionalized Loot Of People’s Savings

For Financing Corporate And Big Loan Defaulters — Saurabh Naruka Last year we were told that demonetization is a magic wand that would wipe out black money and corruption in ... (read full text)

WTO 11th Ministerial Conference :

Bullying Developing Countries for Profit While Food Subsidies Are Distortion of Free Trade The WTO 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires concluded on 13 December 2017 without any understanding and ... (read full text)

DTC: Delhi Transport in Crisis

— Ardhendu Roy The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus service is Delhi’s lifeline – to combat life-threatening pollution, to ensure safe and reliable public transport for women, and as the ... (read full text)

Constitution Day 2017: Defend The Vision of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

It has now been sixty-eight years since the adoption of the Constitution of India on the 26th of November, 1949. While the adoption of the Constitution was obviously a landmark ... (read full text)
Minorities, Dalits, and Workers Under Attack in Bihar

Minorities, Dalits, and Workers Under Attack in Bihar

Communal tension has been prevailing since 2 December in Phulwari Sharif close to the capital Patna. On 2 December 150 people from the Muslim community from Gonpura were going to ... (read full text)

Comrade BN Singh’s Hunger Strike In Hazaribagh Central Jail

Comrade BN Singh who is a political prisoner inside Jaiprakash Narain Central Jail, Hazaribagh, has been on an indefinite hunger strike with a dozen other prisoners, highlighting prisoners’ demands for ... (read full text)
People’s Tribunal in Mirzapur Against Loot of Adivasi Land

People’s Tribunal in Mirzapur Against Loot of Adivasi Land

The CPI (ML) and AIARLA organized a Jansunvai (People’s Parlliament) at Oliyar Ghat in Mirzapur on 17 December 2017. The BJP government and administration are flouting all laws to unleash ... (read full text)

CPI(ML) Karnataka State Conference

The CPI(ML)’s First State Conference in Karnataka was held on 2-3 December. Delegates from Bengaluru, Davangere, Koppal, Mangalore, Bellary and Mysore districts congregated at Bengaluru for the conference. Guests from ... (read full text)


Comrade Khudan Mallick Leader of the Naxalbari movement comrade Khudan Mallick died on 29 November 2017 in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital where he was admitted after a lung ... (read full text)

The Pledge of December 18, 2017:

Forward with the People’s Resistance Against Fascist Offensive! Make the 10th Congress of the CPI(ML) A Great Success We are now in the fourth year of the despotic Modi regime ... (read full text)

The Young Karl Marx

(Liberation carries excerpts of two reviews of an exciting new film – The Young Karl Marx – that was screened recently at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).) A ... (read full text)

A Screening Of Kakkoos

(The Cinema Of Resistance brought the documentary film Kakkoos and its filmmaker, the young Divya Bharathi, to Rajasthan, Delhi and Bihar. Liberation reports on one of the screenings of the ... (read full text)

Book Review: Sense and Solidarity

Jholawala Economics For Everyone — Maitreyi Jean Drèze’s Sense and Solidarity: Jholawala Economics for Everyone is a collection of essays on various aspects of ‘social development’ in the Indian context ... (read full text)