Free the PRICOL Eight !

(AICCTU Booklet), Published by AICCTU, January 2016

Fight the Double Life Imprisonment for Trade Union Activists ! Eight Workers: Sentenced To Two Lifetimes In Jail For The ‘Crime’ Of Fighting For Workers’ Rights And Organising Them In Trade Union Resist Attacks on the Working Class Movement!



Communist Manifesto

(Liberation Publication, June 2014)





India in the grip of deep economic crisis

(A CPI(ML) Publication, February 2014)





Learning Marxism where to begin

(IIMS Publication (November 2013)





Crisis of Neoliberalism and Challenges before Popular Movements

CPI(ML) Publication, Oct. 2012





Stand by Bathani Tola In the Battle for A New and Just Bihar

CPI(ML) Publication, May 2012





Combat Corruption : Save India

A CPI(ML) Publication, May 2011





International Women’s Day : A Century of Struggles

An AIPWA Publication, August 2010





Green Hunt is Witch Hunt – Resist It

CPI(ML) Publication, May 2010





Capital in Crisis

An IIMS Publication, 2009






Nuke Deal Decoded

A CPI(ML) Publication (November 2008)






Women’s Movement and Communist Party: Ideology, Programme, Practice
CPI(ML) Publication, 9/2008






Corporate Land Grab: Issues of Development and Democracy

CPI(ML) Liberation – May 2007






 Harvest of Death

An IIMS Publication (2004)






Against Imperialism : For A Glorious Socialist Future

An IIMS Publications, January 2004






Myth and Reality: Agrarian Scene in Left Ruled Bengal (1977 – 2002)

Liberation Publication, August 2002






Green Hunt is Which Hun Resist It








Recolonisation of Iraq : Lessons and Challenges

Liberation Publication, May 2003





For Young India, For a new India

RYA-AISA Publication (1999)





Marxism For Beginners

Indian Institute of Marxist Studies (IIMS), Aug. 1997




India’s March To Freedom : The Other Dimension

A CPI(ML) Publication (1997)





Three Glorious Decades of Naxalbari …

CPI(ML) Publication 1997


What The Communist Stand For

Indian Institute of Marxist Studies (IIMS), Feb. 1996






Marxism and Indian Revolution

CPI(ML) Liberation Publication – 1994

(Collection of Central Party School Papers)





 India And The IMF Loan :: Sold For A Few Dollars More!

Published : 1st Ed. – Sept. 1991, 2nd Ed. – June 1992






CPI(ML) Liberation Firm Defender of the Revolutionary Legacy of the Indian Communists

CPI(ML) Publication – 1990






Marxist Study Centre, Delhi (Central School Paper) 1981