Programme of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Adopted at the PARTY CONGRESS held in May 1970 From Liberation, Vol. III, Nos. 7-9 (May-July 1970). 1. Our beloved country is one of the biggest and most ancient countries of the world inhabited by 500 million people. Ours is an agrarian country, a country of the peasant masses, hard-working and talented. They have rich revolutionary traditions and a glorious cultural heritage. 2. The British imperialists conquered India and established their direct rule

On The Political-Organizational Report : Hate, Identify and Smash Centrism

Comrade Charu Majumdar’s speech introducing the Political-Organizational Report at the Party Congress: From Liberation, Vol. III, Nos. 7-9 (May-July 1970). The report of this speech, based on notes taken at the Congress, was adopted by the Congress as a Party document. In the present world situation there are two important phenomena. On the one hand, there is US imperialism’s naked aggression against Cambodia. The US imperialists have thrown away all pretences and

Political-Organizational Report Adopted at the Party Congress

From Liberation, Vol. III, Nos. 7-9 (May-July 1970). Our Congress is taking place at a time when US imperialism is continuing open and naked aggression on Cambodia and expanding the war of aggression throughout Indo-China with the sheer logic of an aggressor, reminding us of the days of Munich. This attack can easily be termed as the beginning of the Third World War as the march of the Hitlerite hordes

Political Resolution of The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

This was one of the two resolutions adopted by the AICCCR on 22nd April 1969-the other one was the resolution on organization, printed in this Volume as an appendix on the basis of which the CPI(M-L) was formed. THE events of the last eighteen months since we repudiated the neo-revisionists prove beyond doubt the correctness of our stand. They prove that the line of rejecting the parliamentary path and adopting the