Political-Organizational Report Adopted at the Party Congress

Our comrades must keep in mind that entirely through our own efforts we have been able to create a new situation in India when the ruling classes and their parties are openly quarrelling with one another in a downright dog-bite-dog manner, when stable governments have become a thing of the past and when vast masses of people are coming into the arena of struggle and creating a new and better situation for the revolutionaries to carry on their struggles. Our Party’s call “China’s Chairman is our Chairman, China’s path is our path”, our call against any aggressive war against China and our call to turn the 1970’s into the decade of liberation have gripped the imagination of the masses, particularly of the revolutionary youth, and won a victory over national chauvinism and revisionism and have opened up a new era of greater victories. Our battle of annihilation has linked together our two sacred tasks — the task of liberating our country and the people and the internationalist task of ending imperialism and imperialist war — and has created the material basis, that is, the emergence of the new man, for fulfilling these great tasks.

So, our Party should continue this battle of annihilation in a more determined and concerted way, create newer and newer areas of operation, depend upon unsophisticated arms which alone can release the initiative of the landless and poor peasants and develop the struggles in mighty waves, continue the political campaign in a purposeful way to develop this battle of annihilation, try continuously to draw in fresh forces from among the landless and poor peasants and know how to rely upon them, concentrate on one area, one unit, one squad basis, direct their entire work to fulfil the main task of the period, try constantly to improve the political level of the fighters and to bring them closer to the masses of the people, help the fighters study ‘Quotations’ and the ‘Three Articles’, link the fighters with the work of production and draw them inside the Party.

Comrades! imperialists, social-imperialists and native reaction are hatching plans to launch the fiercest attacks upon us when preservation of our main force and our leadership will depend upon how deeply we dig in among the people. So the method of work evolved by Chairman Mao should be studied and applied methodically and conscientiously by our leaders and cadres, because that alone can ensure the preservation and victory of our revolutionary struggles.

The world is progressing at a breath-taking speed towards the final emancipation of Man under the leadership of Chairman Mao : our struggle in India, too, is developing at an inconceivably fast speed. The victory of the Indian Revolution will certainly banish for ever imperialism and imperialist war from the face of the world. Our comrades must always feel this great responsibility that is on us, must develop the internationalist spirit of becoming one with the fighters of the world under the leadership of Chairman Mao. This feeling will give them immeasurable strength to carry on this great responsibility history has placed on us.

Let this Congress usher in greater unity among the revolutionary cadres and greater victory for the great Indian people. Let this Congress give new strength to the cadres to end the age-old sufferings of the Indian people, rouse our cadres and the people for greater sacrifice to change this India of darkness into an India of brightness and brilliance. Chairman Mao is there, victory is ours.

Long live the Indian Revolution !

Long live the CPI(M-L) !

Long live Chairman Mao! A long, long life to Chairman Mao !

(May 11, 1970)