Programme of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

11. They have mortgaged our country to the imperialist powers, mainly to the US imperialists and Soviet social-imperialists. With the weakening of the power of British imperialism the world over the, Indian ruling classes have now hired themselves out to US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism. Thus, instead of two mountains, British imperialism and feudalism, the Indian people are now weighed down under the four huge mountains, namely, imperialism headed by US imperialism, Soviet social-imperialism, feudalism and comprador-bu­reaucrat capital. Thus India has turned into a neo-colony of US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism. The ruthless exploitation and oppression by these four enemies of the Indian people have created unprecedented miseries, sufferings and calamities. Millions are struggling on the brink of death. Several millions go hungry, naked, houseless and unemployed.

12. In the name of ‘national integration’ these enemies of the people have been suppressing the genuine rights of all the nationalities and national and religious minorities. The right of self-determination is being denied to the Kashmiris, Nagas and Mizos. Equal status to all the national languages is being denied and Hindi is sought to be imposed on the people by them.

13. Our country is the country of the peasant masses who constitute over 75 per cent of its population. They are the most exploited people of our country living in conditions of semi-starvation and absolute pauperization. In India’s semi-feudal economy, 80% of the land is concentrated in the hands of 20% of landowners, i.e., rajahs, landlords and rich peasants, while the starving peasantry constituting 80% of the rural population has no land or very little land.

14. The landless and poor peasants have to turn over 50% to 90% of their annual harvest in the form of rent to the landlords. The extortionate usurious capital continues to fleece the peasant. Eviction of peasants is the order of the day. Social oppression on scheduled castes including the lynching of Harijans, reminiscent of the middle ages, is continuing unabated.

15. The semi-feudal land relations have transformed our country into a land of perpetual famine as a result of which millions of people die of starvation every year.

16. In brief, out of all the major contradictions in our country, that is, the contradiction between imperialism and social-imperialism on the one hand and our people on the other, the contradiction between feudalism and the broad masses of the people, the contradiction between capital and labour and the contradiction within the ruling classes, the one between the landlords and the peasantry, i.e., the contradiction between feudalism and the broad masses of the Indian people is the principal contradiction in the present phase.

17. The resolution of this contradiction will lead to the resolution of all other contradictions too.

18. While preserving and perpetuating the semi-feudal set-up, the big comprador-bureaucrat bourgeoisie and big landlord ruling classes have become pawns in the hands of US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism.

19. The phenomenal increase in the total quantum of foreign capital, the heavy remittances of profits abroad, thousands of collaborationist enterprises, total dependence on imperialist ‘aid, grants and loans’ for capital goods, technical know-how, military supplies and armament industries, for building military bases and even for markets, unequal trade and PL 480 agreements have made US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism the overlords of our country.

20. US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism have brought the vital sectors of the economy of our country under their control. US imperialism collaborates mainly with private capital and is now penetrating into the industries in the state sector, while Soviet social-imperialism has brought under its control mainly the industries in the state sector and is at the same time trying to enter into collaboration with private capital.

21. US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism do everything possible to foster the growth of comprador-bureaucrat capitalism for continuing their unbridled exploitation of the Indian people.

22. The much-trumpeted ‘public sector’ is being built up by many imperialist exploiters for employing their capital and for exploiting the cheap labour power and raw materials of our country. The public sector is nothing but a clever device to hoodwink the Indian people and continue their plunder. It is state monopoly capitalism, i.e., bureaucrat capitalism.

23. With their octopus-like grip on India’s economy the US imperialists and the Soviet social-imperialists control the political, cultural and military spheres of the life of our country.