Programme of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

37. As Comrade Lin Piao has pointed out, “Guerrilla warfare is the only way to mobilize and apply the entire strength of the people against the enemy.” Guerrilla warfare alone can unleash the initiative and rouse the creative genius of the Indian people, make them perform miracles and function in various ways, and can enable them effectively to co-ordinate those ways. Thus guerrilla war alone can expand the small bases of armed struggle to large, extensive areas through mighty waves of people’s war and develop the People’s Army which will overthrow the reactionary rule of the four mountains in the countryside, encircle and capture the cities, establish People’s Democratic Dictatorship all over the country and resolutely carry it forward to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Socialism.

38. The People’s Democratic State will carry out the following major tasks :

    (a) Confiscation of all the banks and enterprises of foreign capital and liquidation of all imperialist debt.

    (b) Confiscation of all the enterprises of the comprador-bureaucrat capitalists.

    (c) Confiscation of all land belonging to the landlords and their redistribution among the landless and poor peasants on the principle of land to the tillers; cancellation of all debts of the peasantry and other toiling people. All facilities necessary for development of agriculture to be guaranteed.

    (d) Enforce eight hours a day, increase wages, institute unemployment relief and social insurance, remove all inequalities on the basis of equal pay for equal work.

    (e) Improve the living conditions of soldiers and give land and job to the ex-servicemen.

    (f) Enforce better living conditions of the people and remove unemployment.

    (g) Develop new democratic culture in place of colonial and feudal culture.

    (h) Abolish the present educational system and educational institutions and build up a new educational system and new educational institutions consistent with the needs of People’s Democratic India.

    (i) Abolish the caste system, remove all social inequalities and all discrimination on the religious ground and guarantee equality of status to women.

    (j) Unify India and recognize the right of self-determination.

    (k) Give equal status to all national languages.

    (1) Abolish all exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous assessments and adopt a consolidated progressive tax system.

    (m) People’s political power to be exercised through Revolutionary People’s Councils at all levels.

    (n) Alliance to be formed with the international proletariat and the oppressed nations of the world under the leadership of the CPC.

39. The Democratic Revolution in India is taking place in the era of Mao Tsetung when world imperialism is heading for total collapse and socialism is advancing towards world-wide victory. Our revolution is a part of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which has consolidated socialism and proletarian dictatorship in China and has turned China into the reliable base area of World Revolution. Our revolution is taking place at a time when the great Ninth Congress of the great, glorious and correct CPC — the Congress of unity and victory — has tremendously inspired the international proletariat. It is taking place at a time when the CPC headed by Chairman Mao and Vice-Chairman Lin Piao is leading the international proletariat to fulfil its historic mission of emancipating the whole of mankind from the rule of imperialism and reaction and establishing Socialism and Communism on this earth. We are a contingent of this great army of the international proletariat.

40. The CPI (M-L) is placing the programme of People’s Democratic Revolution before the Indian people and dedicates itself to this great revolutionary cause. The Party is confident that the granite unity of our people with all socialist and oppressed nations, particularly the Chinese people, will bring about the victory of the Indian revolution, which, as Chairman Mao has predicted, “will end the imperialist reactionary era in the history of mankind” and will ensure the worldwide victory of Socialism.