Mao Tsetung’s Call to the People of the World

A new upsurge in the struggle against US imperialism is now emerging throughout the world. Ever since World War II, US imperialism and its followers have been continuously launching wars of aggression and the people in various countries have been continuously waging revolutionary wars to defeat the aggressors. The danger of a new world war still exists, and the people of all countries must get prepared. But revolution is the main trend in the world today.

Unable to win in Viet Nam andLaos, the US aggressors treacherously engineered the reactionary coup d’etat by the Lon Nol-Sirik Matak clique, brazenly dispatched their troops to invade Cambodia and resumed the bombing of North Viet Nam, and this has aroused the furious resistance of the three Indo-Chinese peoples. I warmly support the fighting spirit of Samdech Norodom Sihanouk, Head of State of Cambodia, in opposing US imperialism and its lackeys. I warmly support the joint declaration of the Summit Conference of the Indo-Chinese Peoples. I warmly support the establishment of the Royal Government of National Union under the leadership of the National United Front of Kampuchea. Strengthening their unity, supporting each other and persevering in a protracted people’s war, the three Indo-Chinese peoples will certainly overcome all difficulties and win complete victory.

While massacring the people in other countries, US imperialism is slaughtering the white and black people in its own country. Nixon’s fascist atrocities have kindled the raging flames of the revolutionary mass movement in the United States. The Chinese people firmly support the revolutionary struggle of the American people. I am convinced that the American people who are fighting valiantly will ultimately win victory and that the fascist rule in the United States will inevitably be defeated.

The Nixon government is beset with troubles internally and externally, with utter chaos at home and extreme isolation abroad. The mass movement of protest against US aggression in Cambodia has swept the globe. Less than ten days after its establishment, the Royal Government of National Union of Cambodia was recognized by nearly 20 countries. The situation is getting better and better in the war of resistance against US aggression and for national salvation waged by the people of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. The revolutionary armed struggles of the people of Korea, Japan and other Asian countries against the revival of Japanese militarism by the US and Japanese reactionaries, the struggles of the Palestinian and other Arab peoples against the US-Israeli aggressors, the national liberation struggles of the Asian, African and Latin American peoples, and the revolutionary struggles of the peoples of North America, Europe and Oceania are all developing vigorously. The Chinese people firmly support the people of the three Indo-Chinese countries and of other countries of the world in their revolutionary struggles against US imperialism and its lackeys.

US imperialism, which looks like a huge monster, is in essence a paper tiger, now in the throes of its death-bed struggle. In the world of today, who actually fears whom ? It is not the Vietnamese people, the Laotian people, the Cambodian people, the Palestinian people, the Arab people or the people of other countries who fear US imperialism; it is US imperialism which fears the people of the world. It becomes panic-stricken at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind. Innumerable facts prove that a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust cause finds little support. A weak nation can defeat a strong, a small nation can defeat a big. The people of a small country can certainly defeat aggression by a big country, if only they dare to rise in struggle, take up arms and grasp in their own hands the destiny of their country. This is a law of history.

People of the world, unite and defeat the US aggressors and all their running dogs!

In lieu of an Introduction to this volume we are reprinting this great call of Mao’s, which appeared in Liberation, Vol. III, Nos. 7-9 (May-July J 970).

This great call to the world’s people was issued by Mao Tsetung on 20 May 1970. Since then the international scene has undergone important changes. China has changed from a citadel of revolution to a country under the heel of counter- revolutionaries who have forged close ties with imperialist powers; the people’s revolutionary struggles have suffered setbacks in several countries; the USSR and its informal empire have disintegrated. Certain conditions, certains individuals and governments, mentioned in Mao Tsetung’s statement, have yielded place to new ones. But, though enmeshed in crisis, US imperialism still remains the most ferocious and brazen-faced enemy of the world’s people. Rather, it has grown more arrogant and desperate than before. US imperialism audits stooges are still preying on the lives of the people of the world. Today Mao Tsetuiig’s call has not lost its relevance. Only by responding to it, the people can destroy the monster and its accomplices and live lives worthy of men.