A Letter to an organiser

Dear Comrade,

Received your letter. Couldn’t go to Calcutta, because I was not well. The middle class intellectuals have now started their tirade me. But, their real target of attack is Chairman Mao. On the basis of Chairman’s thought, when I say, that landless and poor peasant could establish their leadership upon the entire peasant only through guerrilla warfare – they object. They have attacked this particular portion of the “Report of Srikakulam” – “We firmly believe that revolutionary bastion in rural areas, can only be established if class enemies are annihilated through armed class struggle and the political consciousness of the peasants can be raised to a higher level only through this way.” They feel that this is the path of Che-Guevara. We should treat these as negative leadership. This means, the words by which they are scared off is the indication of the correct path and we have to proceed with bold steps – our experiences have these words are ! Tamil Nadu is again a testimony to this fact. That report has been published in Deshabrati. It has again proved that guerrilla warfare can be initiated sans mass organization and mass movement. But afterwards mass movement should be organised. Seizure of crop from the store house of jotedars is that form of mass movement, where common people shall participate. Same thing will be seen in Assam without a short span. Hope, you’ll also follow suite. Then what these intellectuals would clamour ? They will wait for a setback and after the setback they will start shouting. But in the meantime, the peasants would get educated and they will not pay any heed to those shrill voices. Revolution, in this way proceeds through contradictions. One should not lose hope. This is dialectics. Hoping for your success – Red Salute.

Charu Mzumdar

11 June, 1969