Instead of liberating the productive forces, the reactionary and reformist solutions of the ruling classes have intensified all the contradiction in our society and aggravated the agrarian crisis. The imperialist onslaughts have also intensified. Class conflicts are becoming more and more intensified. The more the situation becomes complex and challenging, the greater becomes the necessity of clear and firm orientation and the role of the vanguard of the proletariat assumes greater importance.

Boldly rouse the tens of millions agricultural labourers and peasants – this is the call of the situation. The vanguard of the proletariat must make the utmost sacrifice and display the greatest heroism. They must develop the initiative, determination and boldness of the broad peasant masses and agricultural labourers, and organize them throughout the country.
Indian peasants have fought heroically against feudalism and imperialism; hundreds and thousands of their finest sons and daughters have laid down their lives. The struggle for land, liberty and liberation continues, and the party of the revolutionary proletariat must lead it to its ultimate victory. Let us prepare ourselves to march at the head of the oncoming great upsurge of the rural poor.