Biographical Notes

Many stalwarts whose roles in the communist movement started during the period covered by this volume but continued for many more years and decades, will be dealt with in the later volumes. Here we give the notes on one whose life within the movement started and ended in this period. MN

In Lieu of Conclusion

The Formative Years Summed Up The strategic perspective of the communist movement during the period under review was determined by the principal contradiction between the emerging Indian nation and British imperialism and two other major contradictions, viz., feudalism versus the broad masses, particularly landlords versus peasants; and British and Indian big

TEXT- X : Miscellaneous Materials

1 Bolshevism And India (A note prepared by the Government of India in 1920) The danger of Bolshevism to India lies not in a military victory of Bolshevik arms but in the insidious effects of Bolshevik propaganda. This propaganda is always directed towards the exploitation of social grievances in so far as these

TEXT- IX : On The Students and Youth Front

1 A Manifesto of the Young Communist International to the Revolutionary Organisation of Youth ... Youth organisation must consist of worker, peasant and intellectual youths, who participate in the everyday struggle of toilers, and who have set themselves the aim of the revolutionary emancipation of India and the solution of economic and


Our Differences[1] There are communists who do not approve of the line we propose to follow. The founders of our party were the pioneers of the revolutionary proletarian movement in this country. They undertook the task of organising the party of the working class as soon as the masses appeared on

TEXT-VIII : Inner Party Debates and Polemics with Other Left Forces

1 WORKERS OF THK WORLD UNITE ! GANASHAKTI English Edition Price : One Pice (Publish from GANASIHAKTI PUBLISHING HOUSE, Calcutta.) Vol. I. No 1. SUNDAY, 30th SEPTEMBER, 1934. “CONGRESS SOCIALISM”—A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS. A Crituque of the Programme of the "Congress Socialist Parties” (By R. Palmue Dutt) The appearance of a “Congress Socialist Group” in Bombay has given

TEXT-VII (Part 1, article 1-6) : Important Documents on Party Line and Programme

1 Extracts From The President’s Address[1] — M Singaravelu [This is a long address interspersed with pieces of poetry including a stanza of the International, and contains many sub- heads which we have had to omit altogether. These include: Our Suffering Comrades, The Great Dead, Death of Lenin, Our Country’s Martyrs (on Tilak, CR

TEXT- VI : Communist Propaganda in Different Periods

(Extracts from articles, pamphlets etc.) The Initial Period (1921-25) 1 Excerpts From Gandhi Vs. Lenin — by SA Dange Gandhi and Lenin Common Aim: To destroy social evils of the day, especially the misery of the poor and to subvert despotism. Grounds GANDHI-- Cause : Modern civilisation, especially modern industrialisation