CPI on Other Fronts

In the formative period the Party could take very little planned initiative to organise the following fronts, though from time to time it would issue calls to students and youth, cultural workers, working women etc. After 1936 there was some notable progress, but this could reach fruition only during and

The Neglected Peasant Movement

In this chapter we shall give an outline sketch of the peasant movements in our period and try to understand the communists’ efforts and weaknesses in this most crucial front. National reformist vs. communist approach Champaran in Bihar (1917-18) and Kheda and Bardoli in Gujarat (1918 and 1928 respectively) mark the three

CPI Leads Workers’ Struggles

In this chapter we shall briefly examine the metamorphosis of the Indian working class from a 'class in itself to a 'class for itself in the process of continued struggle against the imperialist regime and the rule of capital with particular reference to the role of the CPI in this