Publisher’s Note

When the catastrophic financial crisis hit the capitalist world order a few years back and quickly metamorphosed into a great recession, we brought out a slim pamphlet titled “Capital in

Crises in the Age of Imperialism

In the age of imperialism or monopoly capitalism (which Lenin identified as the economic essence of imperialism) or even more in the post- war era of monopoly finance capitalism (as

Crisis of Neoliberalism

In its country of origin, the federal government and the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks and passed a stimulus bill that stopped the initial freefall in the economy. Governments

Crisis and Class Struggle

Lessons of History Crisis always intensifies class struggle. Within the available space, we can only take brief glances at the most important flash-points of the crises-class struggle interface, historical junctures which

On Cover Pages

On 3rd Cover “Dystopia, the opposite of a utopia, describes a place where life is full of hardship and devoid of hope. Analysis of linkages across various global risks reveals a