For Young India, For a new India

Publisher's Note: This is a collection of Comrade Vinod Mishra's articles on youth and students that we could gather for the time being. ************************************************* “India of my dreams is essentially an integral India where a Pakistani Muslim won't have to procure a visa in search of the roots of his evolution; where, likewise,

Vinod is Hero of the New Nation

Vinod Mishra is no more among us. Against the forces of national subjugation and all sorts of reaction, VM was the commander-in-chief of Indian people's battle for a genuine national liberation and consistent democracy. In an otherwise dark and confused atmosphere prevailing in the wake of saffron offensive, real danger of Congress

India of My Dreams Motherland Gets Liberated

Other than politics, which to me means the medium revealing the intricacies of society, I take a great deal of interest in cosmology where the universe unfolds itself in infinite space and time; where galaxies fast recede into the ever-disappearing frontiers of universe away from each other; where stars emerge,

Bhagat Singh, The Light House of Revolutionary Mindset of Youth

(Excerpts from Vinod Mishra's introduction to the booklet containing Bhagat Singh's article “Why am I an atheist”) Fifty years have passed since we achieved our freedom. Casting a glance over our surroundings, we find a putrefying scene around. Particularly the all-round degeneration of Congress party, that claims to have led

Chandrashekhar’s Challenge Must Be Kept Alive

In the thirty years of my political life, I have witnessed a good number of close comrades embracing martyrdom. My tears had dried up braving the martyrdom of those innumerable comrades. Still when I reached Siwan on that fateful day, and the mother wailing beside the corpse of her son

Bhagat Singh and Charu Majumdar : Pathfinder for the Youth

(The Speech delivered by Vinod Mishra at the National Conference of Revolutionary Youth Association) You have raised the slogan of patriotism. You know, the 50th anniversary of our independence is being celebrated nowadays. However, despite our being free, the dream of independence still remains to be realised. Bhagat Singh didn't stop

A Song : Motherland Gets Liberated

(Produced in the high tide of Naxalbari uprising, this song was Com. Vinod Mishra's favourite one) The day is not far off when Motherland gets liberated Look, horizon in the east Starts sparkling in red sun Fanning out in four corners Glare sweep off the gloom Bathing in crimson downpour Motherland dances in joy Toilers oppressed for ages Chant the