In the name of combating the ‘Maoist menace’ (termed as the ‘gravest internal security threat’ by the Prime Minister), the UPA government has embarked on a massive combat operation. While Home Minister P Chidambaram shies away from describing the operation in terms of an outright war and has even deemed

Operation ‘Green Hunt’: UPA Government’s War on Democracy

Operation Green Hunt (OGH) is the most conspicuous part of the Indian state's ongoing war on "left wing extremism", a top-priority project with a pronounced military thrust, a diversionary ‘development’ discourse and, of course, a well-orchestrated propaganda backup. It is intimately connected, politically, with the US-sponsored national-international "war on terror"

CPI(Maoist): a Marxist-Leninist Assessment

Commentators have romanticised, deified and demonised 'Maoism' in many superficial ways; the point however is to appropriately assess this important trend and develop a correct political approach to it. The Indian State’s and the ruling class’ attempts to demonise Maoists as ‘terrorists’ must certainly be vigorously resisted by the revolutionary left

Genealogy of ‘Maoism’ in India

As we have just seen, the historic conflict and overlap between anarchism and revolutionary Marxism – or more generally between petty bourgeois and proletarian revolutionism – took different shapes in different countries. In our country anti-British terrorist/anarchist trends, like those against Tsarist autocracy in Russia, were in existence well before

Experiences of Engaging with the Maoists

Our assessment of the CPI (Maoist) is based not just on a macro level theoretical study; it is informed by decades of practical experience of engagement with them since the MCC-PU-PWG days. Here are some glimpses. Isolation and Decline of Semi-Anarchism in Bihar In the course of the rise and spread of