Trotskyism Revisited

For our present purposes, two questions — or rather two sides of the same question — are highly relevant. These are : the Stalin-Trotsky debate on “socialism in one country” and the Trotskyite theory of world revolution. It will be convenient to take up these questions one by one. “Socialism in

The Gramscian Framework

Before we embark on a critical examination of the key Gramscian concepts and their implications, certain points need to be kept in mind. In his heart of hearts Gramsci was an ardent follower of Marx and Lenin. He never tried to develop any alternative philosophy or theory. Even his most

Post-Modernism and Allied Trends

There can be hardly any theoretical discussion without an encounter with the theorists of “crisis of Marxism” or trends that come with a “post” prefix like post-Marxism or post-modernism. But ironically, preceding and to an extent prompting this phase was a period which witnessed a vociferous ‘return to Marx’ and