Justice for Bathani Tola

Massacred by Ranveer Sena in Laloo’s Bihar – Massacred Judicially in Nitish Regime! On 11 July 1996, a private army of upper caste landlords (Ranveer Sena) brutally massacred people

Two Articles by Vinod Mishra (Excerpts)

This Battle Must be Won (from Liberation January 1998) The history of Bihar, for more than two decades, is replete with massacres. Massacres of rural poor of dalit castes by various landlord

Some Responses From the Media

A travesty of justice (The Hindu, April 25, editorial) The acquittal of 23 people convicted by a lower court in the gruesome Bathani Tola massacre case is a shocking indictment


Excerpt from Ara Session Court Verdict, 12.05.2010 However, only by reason that he could not identity some of the accused in dock, the whole statement of Sri Kishun Choudhary cannot be