A Historic Victory in the Struggle at Bindukhatta

A determined and a protracted movement led by CPI (ML) to register an intense protest against the decision to make Bindukhatta in Nainital district in Uttarakhand) into a municipality, resulted in a historic victory as the state government was forced to take back its decision. The revocation of the decision to make Bindukhatta a municipality is a victory of the farmers’ struggle. On this occasion, a victory procession was taken out in Haldwani and a meeting organised on the Car Road.

Addressing the meeting, CPI (ML) leader and Uttarakhand state president of Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Mahasabha, Comrade Puroshottam Sharma termed the revocation of Bindukhatta Muncipality as a victory of the struggle of farmers of this place and called them to stay prepared for larger struggles ahead. He demanded that the state Chief Minister and Labour Minister take back the cases filed against activists and also offer apology to the women and people of Bindukhatta for the oppression and indecency unleashed on the struggling women of Bindukhatta on 14 October. He also expressed gratitude to the struggling farmers of Bindukhatta and also to the journalists, intellectuals and all other well-wishers who supported this struggle.  He also remembered the contributions of the departed party leader late Com. Mansingh Pal. Com. Sharma added that this victory was not yet complete and that we needed to continue to the struggle for taking back of cases and for declaring a Bindukhatta a revenue village. He reiterated the demands for a fly over on the Lalkuan crossing, an embankment on Gaula and a bypass. The meeting was also addressed by the senior party leader Com. Bahadur Singh Jangi and district secretary, Com. Kailash Pandey. Post the meeting, the agitators celebrated by distributing sweets. It was followed by a massive victory procession of people on scooters, motorcycles and cars in the villages of Bindukhatta.

On the strength of the long land struggle waged in the forest land on which Bindukhatta is settled, the poor farmers residing there have for 35 long years been demanding that Bindukhatta be made a revenue village. From the period of the land struggles, these struggles have been led by CPI (ML) and the Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Mahasabha. However, ignoring the demands of the farmers, on 18 December 2014, an interim notification was passed converting Bindukhatta into a municipality, and since 20 December 2014, CPI (ML) and Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Mahasabha have been mobilising the people of Bindukhatta in the movement initiated against this decision. The struggle on the demand for a revenue village continues.